Sale St.

7 Sale St.
Freemans Bay, Auckland
+64 (09) 307.8148
Monday nights, 2-for-1 drinks
Disclaimer: Sale St. does not have a happy hour. However, they do have 2-for-1 drinks all night on Monday nights.
Who doesn’t love 2-for-1 drinks? In LA, the same specials can be found at Cabo Cantina, Rocco’s Tavern, & Miyagis.
Many people recommended Sales St. Tourism friends, Fashion friends, and just about every other local friend I made. Due to steep & winding hills, it took me a few days before I learned that I could actually walk the block and a half to Sale St. Upon that discovery, it became a regular spot. There’s something different going on there every night, but it was the 2-for-1 night that interested me most.
Sale St. does 2-for-1 in a more balanced, less alcoholic way than most bars. When you get
your first drink, you get a receipt for the 2nd drinks. What’s great is that you can use this receipt at the bar or give it to a server if you land a table. There’s no attitude on where you have to order, who gets tips, etc. like our Malo experience. What if you lose your receipt? Well, you wouldn’t lose the money you would spend on a 2nd drink, would you?
There weren’t food deals as this happy hour either, but the food is good regardless. Sale St. has a pretty diverse menu, but the pizzas are probably the best to thing to order when looking to split food with friends. My suggestions are the buffalo or prosciutto pizza. If you’re looking to keep something all to yourself, go for the angus steak sandwich. It’s no Steak Umms but I guarantee you’ll be just as happy with the generous serving.
Sale St. is great place for groups. On many nights, there were work parties in full swing. The indoor area is plenty spacious, and there is large patio outdoors with a great view of the Sky Tower. If we were ever to get lost, we always knew just to head towards the Sky Tower.
The interior of the bar is also a good spot for dates, plenty dark with lots of corners for making out. In fact, the inside is so intimate that the only photo I could grab without feeling like I was paparazzi was the one of the “No Bitchin or
Back-stabbing” sign. I would definitely like a date here if I ever return to New Zealand! Hint Hint Kiwi Boys!
Cheers! JG.
And until next time...
Rating: 4 Martinis

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