4326 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90029
Parking: Cheap Valet! Street parking in the neighborhood

M-F, 5-7 pm, $5 margaritas, $6 tequila specialty drinks, $3 well drinks, and food specials at hip Silverlake bar that needs to better explain happy hour procedure.

Seems like our waitress at Malo take took the restaurant’s name a little too literally with her bad behavior, which was unfortunate since the space is cool (bar on one side, restaurant on the other), the drinks and food are good and cheap, and the crowd is an interesting slice of hip and/or tattooed lesbian LA mixed with a few average Joe’s. And apparently, Malo offers one of the top tequila tasting rooms in the area.

A little novella of our experience: Upon entrance, a restaurant hostess told us the restaurant wasn’t open yet, but that we could have a drink and a bite at the bar. However, the hostess did not give us the scoop on ordering happy hour selections, which could have used a little explaining.

We ordered a pair of $5 margaritas and chips and guacamole at the bar. Served the drinks right there and then by Bartender #1, we then moved to a newly vacated table and waited for the chips. Drinks were strong and tasty. Ten minutes later, we still didn’t have our chips, but it appeared someone else, who was standing near where we had been, did.

As Bartender #1 was nowhere to be found, I asked the waitress when we might expect the chips and received a lecture about needing to stay at the bar when you order at the bar. Apparently the other J & I were seated in her section, where serving was “how I make my money.” I offered to move, she declined huffily. This homegirl doesn’t play, so the other J and I moved ourselves to the bar so Malo Waitress could make her money.

By this time, the chips had made their second appearance, but were delivered to a table of guys adjacent to where we had been sitting pre-lecture. Hungry-crabby by this time, I sarcastically told the guys to enjoy the chips – apparently bitchy conditions were catching!

A new Bartender #2 seemed frustrated by the happenings; no doubt she’d seen numerous appetizers enjoyed by the wrong parties. She very kindly provided a second margarita on the house, which other J & I happily shared while grubbing on the finally delivered chips and guacamole. Third time’s a charm. I also enjoyed the delish ground-beef and pickles taco, which was needed to soak up some of second margarita (hey, it was our second bar of the day!).

Moral of the story: We completely understand if you’re supposed to sit down and order from a waitress so she can earn her tips, we just ask the procedure be explained/streamlined/etc. Especially to us confused newbies; they should be able to tell who we are – we’ll be the ones eating someone else’s chips by mistake.

Rating: 2 Martinis

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  1. That's horrible. I don't understand help these days. Just a few years ago, a server wouldn't be caught dead lecturing a customer. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?

    At least it's an excuse to tip small. Heehee.

  2. Amen, Smokey!! And at least we got a free drink out of this one :)!

  3. Yes, but at least their tacos are AMAZING!

  4. Malo's also started doing weekend brunch! Chilaquiles anyone?

  5. @ AkAttack: Thanks for the brunch update!



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