Napa Valley Grille

1100 Glendon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3593
(310) 824-3322

$4 valet or nearby metered street parking (just make sure to read the signs)

Mon-Sat: 3-7 pm and 9 pm-12 am, Sun: 3-11 pm, $6 select wines by the glass, $4 beers, cocktails priced from $4-8, wide variety of food options from $2.50-$7

This popular Westwood (UCLA-ville for non-locals) restaurant promises to bring the best of wine country to a Los Angeles setting. And actually, they do pretty well. Though we can't speak for the wine, just the margaritas, $4 and salty-good! We also had the Napa Breeze, $7 cocktail & made of sparkling wine + malibu rum + pineapple juice + grenadine = summer drink heaven! And cranberry orange sangria, an $8 light and refreshing cocktail that would have been perfect for a patio day. Plus, we ordered like eight of their varied happy hour menu items!

We headed over this past rainy Sunday to meet up with new LA foodie friend, Josie from Uncouth Gormands and talked the LA food blog circuit, dating in LA, day-jobs, etc over a mouthwatering spread of no less than: blue cheese hush puppies, macaroni & cheese, garlic fries, sliders, beet salad, nachitos, and the complimentary house ginger-enhanced potato chips. Unfortunately, stuffing ourselves on so many appetizers didn't leave room for dessert, but we were intrigued by the green tea cheesecake & giant cookie w/ candy cane swirl ice cream for $4 each!

Served at the bar area and patio (which we always enjoy when it's not raining cats & dogs), the space is plentiful and would be a great spot to catch up with a friend or a date. Probably not best for a group setting and/or to meet a date - the only patrons here were professor-types and older couples. There was one table of younger gents, but they seemed pretty into the game and left not long after it wrapped.

Service was good; the bar was quiet when we arrived, but strangely all of the available tables seemed to have crumbs on them. However, our table was quickly wiped off and then we were just as quickly served. Also, after a little badgering, the staff also turned their biggest screen tv to the Golden Globes just in time for Mo’nique giving her fly-ass acceptance speech (though I was confused and thought she was thanking her 14-year-old son, but then thought that man that turned out to be her husband seemed a little older than 14 :).

Back on topic, color us impressed with the variety of options and swell prices. Even though it's not quite in our neck of the woods, we'd definitely check it out again - if not just for the green tea cheesecake!

When The Happy Hour Tour J's met the Uncouth Gormand J!
Rating: 4.5 Martinis

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