The Happy Mexican

6080 Primacy Parkway
Memphis, TN 38119
Parking: Free Lot
Tues. – Sun., 3-7pm, Margarita Happy Hour: $3.25 small, $5.99 jumbo, $8.99 monster, $12.99 pitchers
Since my parents moved to Memphis, there has been some concern about how I’ll stay entertained since I did not grow up there. Yes, I have family there, almost my entire family in fact. However, I now lacked the traditions of when I would visit my friends in my hometown of Chicago – house parties, Portillo’s, Orberweis Dairy, etc. I thought this might be a problem, but surprisingly my family are huge happy hour tour supporters and couldn’t wait to take me to one.
My cousin, Angie, had suggested The Happy Mexican that not only has happy hour but an all day special every day. Just look:
Monday, 2 for 1 small, lime margaritas
Tuesday, 2 for 1 domestic bottles
Wednesday, 2 for 1, imported bottles
Thursday, 2 for 1 pitches on tap
Friday, $7.99 top shelf, jumbo margaritas
Saturday, $7.99 ultimate margaritas
Sunday, $7.99 presidente margaritas
My sister, Vanessa, picked me up where we joined my other sister, Tracey, cousin Keisha, Angie, and many, many more. It was a good thing that people were already waiting for our arrival because the line was out the door for those waiting for a table and all bar stools were occupied. Good place for groups, bad place to come without a reservation. In fact, without a reservation, it could be quite a miserable experience.
Everyone on my end of the table ordered the $7.99 Saturday night special - the ultimate margarita, which is made with Chincaco tequila. The jumbo definitely lived up to the description. I didn’t need to order another drink all night. As one can see from the photo, one jumbo margarita equaled 2 large margaritas at another bar.
The Happy Mexican didn’t offer any food specials for happy hour, but as with most Mexican places, I’m usually good with the free chips & salsa. A few people ordered a taco here or burrito there, but nothing looked extraordinary to me.
The servers automatically split our checks without being asked, always a plus. However, when we wanted to order another round of drinks the server would only take orders from some and not others. He then told us that we would have to order from the bar from now on, which was clear across the restaurant. He also told us that he his shift was ending but closed us out without getting the chance to order further or intro us to a new server. This was kinda odd since they weren’t asking us to give up our table to a waiting party, just to order from the bar.
All in all The Happy Mexican is a great meet up spot. It was fun to drink with my generation without the watchful eye of parents, aunts, & uncles!
Rating: 3 Margaritas

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