The Parlour Room of Hollywood

6423 Yucca Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: $10 valet
Days: Daily
Time: 8pm-10pm, Sun-Thurs.; 7-10pm, Fri. & Sat.
Drink Deals: $3 Shot of the Day & Schlitz 16oz. can, $4-8 Beers, $5 Well Drinks & Wine
Food Deals: No food at this bar

First thing’s first: The Parlour Room of Hollywood is not to be confused with the The Parlor Hollywood. Both bars opened last year within a month or so of each other, but they have nothing to do with one another. The Parlor Hollywood is a sports bar on Melrose, while The Parlour Room of Hollywood is suave-looking bar that one may find in New York, Chicago, or downtown LA, but it is actually nestled in the heart of old Hollywood on Yucca Ave.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday at The Parlour Room of Hollywood. I had made a few visits before the event and even went a few times afterwards. I loved the bar, the drinks, the staff, and the jukebox, but one very important detail was missing – happy hour! Cut to many, many months later when a couple Vintage Bar Group friends at The Woods tell me that The Parlour Room finally has a happy hour. Naturally, I had to check it out.

Like other Vintage Bar Group bars, happy hour at The Parlour Room is every night until 10pm. If there’s one thing the bar group does well, it’s late night happy hour! Being a person that never gets off work until 7pm at the earliest, this is a very important happy hour detail. On a recent Friday night, my friend Brian & I arrived at around 8pm, already an hour into happy hour to find the place surprisingly pretty empty. There was no one at any of the tables or back patio and just a few people sitting at the bar with us. I didn’t hold this against the bar though. It was clear the people that were there were regulars. There’s many a night where JB & I are the one of the first ones at The Woods and before we know it, the place is packed.

Great space for a party. I speak from experience.

Sexy patio to cozy by the fire with a date!

The only thing I did hold against the bar is that none of the specialty cocktails were featured on the happy hour menu. This was particularly a sore point with me because I’m such a fan of their Metropolitan cocktail that is regularly priced at $10. The bartender was very friendly though and made me the fanciest well drink ($5) I ever had. I ordered an Effen cherry vodka & 7 Up cocktail, and the bartender put cherries in the bottom of the glass (nice touch!) and placed a cherry on a toothpick on top of the glass. I really appreciated the extra effort here since I really don’t like it when I order a sweet drink only to have it garnished with a tart lime garnish.

Great drink aside, we didn’t stay at happy hour for too long. We were starving as we were fresh off work and there’s no food served at the bar so we hightailed it to 25 Degrees. Hopefully, like other Vintage Bar Group bars, The Parlour Room will offer customers a menu of a nearby restaurant that will deliver. In the meantime, I know where to stop when I want a quick drink while listening to a great jukebox.

- JG

Rating: 3 Martinis

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