The Woods

1533 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: Valet is available Thursday through Saturday. Otherwise, try your luck in the tiny lot out front or on local streets. Please note: access to parking lot is easiest to make a right turn into the lot when heading South on La Brea.
Mon.-Fri. 6-10pm, Sat. & Sun., 8-10pm; $4 Well Drink, $3 Shots of the Day in convenient Hollywood strip-mall
In Los Angeles, when someone tells you to meet them at a bar located in a strip mall, below a laundromat and next door to a liquor store, you may be a bit skeptical. But, when someone tells you to meet at The Woods, you know that your night is just beginning.
The Woods is one of our favorite picks for happy hour. Known to us as the place with the $4 & $5 dollar drinks every night from 8-10pm, it’s a wonder that we ever make it anywhere else. Out are the lava lamps and Tiki Ti drinks from this locale’s previous incarnation as the Lava Lounge, in are minimalist hints at the woods: tree trunk tables, antler chandeliers, and a starry night sky. They also have a smores martini, a chocolate martini with marshmallows & graham cracker crumbs lining the glass.
This happy hour actually caters to the working people who miss the early bird happy hours and can’t afford full priced drinks all the time. Not only are the drinks cheap, but they are also big and strong, made by bartenders that are cute, nice, and remember our regular orders. Brendan & Paul are our faves! If you’re nice, they might even give you cash for the jukebox. If they don’t, you might hit up one of your fellow happy hour partakers – fellow drinkers are often quite cool, quite normal, and always easy to talk to. We always have so much fun here that we've suggested this place for dates, girl talk, birthday parties, Oscar after-parties, etc.

We do wish the bar had food. We drink, we get hungry. However, they offer up a light snack mix if you ask, which is more than what’s offered on flights these days. And don’t forget the Wendy’s (and Subway and Burger King and 7-11) a hop-skip-and-a-jump down the street at Sunset and La Brea.
Ever camp out in The Woods? Tell us about it.
Rating: 5 Martinis!

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