We'll Drink to That! Just a Bite Cake Pops

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Having a Happy Hour bash that could use a little sugar fix? Tired of the cupcake craze (heaven forbid!) and want something to make your happy hour friends ooh & ahh? Or maybe you need to send someone a sweet treat and are looking for something other than Mrs. Beasley's (dios mio!) or Dean & De Luca (mercy me!)?

Try Just a Bite Cake Pops, some of the tastiest, most inventive little treats we've enjoyed in a long time (Amen & Hallelujah!)!

Cake pops are basically dense, moist round cake-balls (for lack of a better term) coated in a sugary-hard shell frosting - all on a stick - like the world's most delicious lollipop. Remarkably, they hold up pretty well while eating them, which makes them a fun and cool treat for kids, adults, seniors, etc :)!

Mindy Himmel, the genius behind Just a Bite Cake Pops, is a pleasure to work with and will help design specific orders whatever your needs may be. Witness the carrot-cake-pop-garden for a one-year-old's birthday party and the TWILIGHT-themed red-velvet cake-pops for our friend Adam-bot's rooftop twilight soiree and. We sampled those and have also tried the chocolate and peanut-butter cake pops, all of which are basically little revelations. Overdramatic? Try one and see!

Carrot Cake Pop Garden!

Adam-Bot & Twilight Cake Pop

Cake Pops start out at $2/pop, minimum order is 2-dozen. Mindy will ship anywhere in the United States, obvs - shipping charges apply. To order (or salivate at the pictures), visit www.justabitecakepops.com.

Mention "The Happy Hour Tour" and receive 10% off any order of 4-dozen or more through November 15th.


  1. I am in love with this idea! I must tell all my friends!

  2. sounds like a fab product. but is that a look of disgust or ecstasy on Adam-bot's face? i'm not really sure...

  3. Yeah, Abby, please do - they are magnificent :).

    And Tootie, you shoulda seen the rest of the Adam-bot cake-pop slideshow, maybe that post can be its own Gin & Tonic for the Soul!

    xoxo JB



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