Stir Crazy – Brookfield, WI

Days: Monday – Friday 
Times: 4-7pm
Drink Deals: $3 Select Draft Beer; $4 Wines by the Glass; $5 Classic Martinis and Specialty Cocktails 
Food Deals: $4 Appetizers 


Drink Up: Nice variety of food and beverage options, great bartender, and they were kinda kid-friendly to boot! 

Spill the Wine: Only the host who put the “kinda” in front of “kid friendly” – wish he’d been as nice as the bartender about making sure we had family-friendly seating with the kiddos (read on :).


In between jobs, I’ve been doing a lot of what I moved to Milwaukee for… Spending time with my nieces! Around the New Year, I stayed home with the girls while their parents worked and honestly, I had a blast. I know kids cry; they need their diapers changed; they get whiny when tired or hungry; but they’re also schedule-oriented, loving, and funny as hell – sounds like the best days on a good “real world” job to me. 

Auntie needs a martuni!! 

Even though I adored being with the girls, I did miss adult interaction. I mean there are only so many times you can discuss TANGLED with a two year-old before you start to go a little stir crazy. So, my brother, sister-in-law, and I decided to try out a Happy Hour experiment one Friday after their work days – we took the two babes to Stir Crazy’s Crazy Hour!

Happy Hour happens at the bar area.  

Located at the Brookfield Square Mall, Happy Hour goes down in Stir Crazy’s bar area on Monday through Friday from 4-7pm. If you’re new to the Stir Crazy craze, they are a small national chain of restaurants where you select your own veggies and meat and watch the chefs fry them up in front of you! Granted, the stir-fry's are not on Happy Hour, but there sure were some delicious appetizers and cocktails. 
Get your stir-fry on!
Our little party enjoyed some delicious appetizers and I’m not talking about the grapes we brought for Niece #1 :). We sampled the: 

Tofu Lettuce Wraps ($4) – Listed on the Happy Hour Menu as Chicken Lettuce Wraps, the bartender kindly let us swap out the chicken for tofu. 

Crab Rangoon ($4) – One of my sis-in-law’s favorite eats; these rangoon had a great texture throughout and the filling was pretty yum. 

 Cabernet Sauvignon ($4) and Bangkok Tea ($5)

For drinks, Sis-in-law had the $4 Cabernet Sauvignon and I tried the $5 Bangkok Tea, described as their version of a Long Island. Shoot, I wasn’t driving! The tea was good – sweet, but not overpoweringly so. I also ordered a fun $5 Mai Tai, which my niece desperately wanted the cherry from! 

Auntie and her favorite would-be cherry thief! 
As for the Happy Hour scene, it was actually pretty tame, though the restaurant started to fill up with regular dinner guests around 6pm. Our bartender was very nice and helpful, letting us sit at a larger table near the bar area… despite the host’s warning that they might not be able to accommodate us (which was annoying given the free space in the area, but not that big a deal overall). 

Given the variety of options in food and drink and the fact that this Happy Hour makes for a good dinner, I definitely recommend Stir Crazy to anyone who’s looking for a western Milwaukee suburb Happy Hour! Especially anyone going a little Stir Crazy with the winter! 



Stir Crazy 
Neighborhood: Brookfield 

15795 Bluemound Road 
Brookfield, WI 53005 
(262) 786-3100 

Stir Crazy on Facebook

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