Drinking Game: Scandal season 3 winter premiere

Tomorrow night marks the long awaited return of Scandal. Folks have been freaking out so much that #CopeWithoutPope has been trending on twitter since the last new episode back in December. Not to worry Gladiators, Olivia Pope & associates are back with a brand new episode every week until the sure-to-be explosive season finale in May. 

Since our season two finale drinking game was a hit, what better way to welcome back The Gladiators and co., but with another drinking game? Grab a bottle of wine and tune into ABC at 10pm/9pm central on Thursday night!

Follow along and drink anytime…

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You catch a peak at Kerry Washington’s baby bump. This season has been reduced from 22 to 18 episodes due to the pregnancy. Since we’ve been without Scandal for 77 days, I wonder how much Kerry has grown between episodes. Even the best Birkin bags and chic ivory coats can’t always hide a baby bump.

The President Fitz calls Liv. The phone calls between these two are so incredibly hot, despite the fact that most of the time the only words that are uttered are “Hi.” If more guys watched Scandal, they would cut out all the vague texting and just call to say “Hi.” Seriously, it’s hot.

Adnan Salif makes an appearance. The audience has no idea who this Adnan character is, but last year, we were promised that we’d learn more about Harrison’s back story. So far, the only thing we know is the very mention of Adnan Salif has him spooked. Harrison will probably need a drink if Adnan shows up, so drink up!

Quinn double-crosses someone. Is she really a member of B316? Is she really a Gladiator? Are she and Charlie really in a relationship? In the last episode, Quinn crossed so many people that no one’s sure what side she’s on, and she probably doesn’t either. Follow this rule alone and you’ll be buzzed in no time.

Chug the whole damn bottle if we find out what Mama Pope is up to! Here’s what we do know so far: Mama Pope is alive, she can take out a doctor and a flight crew, land a plane, get her hair did, pick up a fly outfit, and strut down Pennsylvania Ave. all in 24 hours and without a care in the world. Whatever she’s up to, it’s going to be gooooood!!! 

For your extra boozing pleasure, here are several season 2 rules that still apply. Drink every time:

Olivia drinks a glass of wine

Olivia’s lip quivers

Olivia & Fitz get it on

Someone says “mole”

As always, drink responsibly and have fun!! Tweet your favorite #Scandal moments and what’s in your glass to @HappyHourTour!

The aftermath of last season’s drinking game

Cheers! JG

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  1. Ahh! I didn't realize Scandal was coming back TOMORROW! What a terrible fan-but I'm so excited!



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