Blackbird Bar – Milwaukee

Day: Daily 
Time: 4-8pm 
Drink Deals: $2 Schlitz; $2 Riverwest Stein, $1 off Micro Taps; 2-for-1 Rail Cocktails; $4 Rehorst Cocktails 
Food Deals: N/A 


Drink Up: Good drink deals (including fab selection of local beers), great bartender, kitschy-retro-home-y feel, arcade games, AND Photobooth?! YES Please! 

Spill The Wine: Not much on the food front, I’m Hungry! 

Just your neighborhood bar, that's all!

Don’t you want to go where everybody knows your name? And you can get your picture taken in a photobooth? And watch ROSEMARY’S BABY on VHS? And play arcade games? And spin the magic wheel for free drinks? And if you don’t win the magic wheel spin, you can still get good deals on a terrific selection of local craft beers? Do you want to go to a Happy Hour that features most of the elements of “What Makes a Good Happy Hour?”

Cozy Bar
Cozy Booth 

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, quit reading now, por favor, and make sure you have a pulse. Because you might be a zombie. The good news is that there are plenty of Zombie Pub Crawls these days (sorry y’all – ya just missed this one and this one), so you’ll fit right in. 

IF you did answer yes to any of the above, well first, you theoretically could still be a zombie… congratulations. And Happy Halloween! Second, let me point you in the direction of the most excellent neighborhood hangout, Blackbird Bar, in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood! The bar features all of the above in a cozy space with a nice long bar, plenty of booth seats, kitschy and retro décor, a great jukebox soundtrack (Guns N' Roses and Gillian Welch!), and a fabulous bartender, Aja! 

Happy Hour, Party of Four
Many of my Milwaukee Film pals live in Bayview and they all recommended Blackbird’s Happy Hour – highlighting its neighborhood bar feel and excellent selection of beer. The festival had only been wrapped for 2 days before we hustled over for to Blackbird for a couple after-work beers. While my three pals, AngelaJC, Dwellephant, and Ogs opted for local craft bottles, I stuck with the basic and tasty Riverwest Stein, the kind of de facto official beer for the city of Milwaukee – at least in my mind. 

Beer! Aja!

What made this visit even more fun is Angela’s longtime friendship with Aja, bartender extraordinaire, a stylish gal who knows her cocktails, good conversation, and good movies (she had brought HOCUS POCUS and ROSEMARY’S BABY to play on the bar’s 2 televisions). She also spun the wheel for our free drinks (we each picked a number and then she spun and if the wheel stopped on our choice, wa-lah, free drinks!). Alas, only one of our numbers even came close. 

Aja spinning that wheel! 

As a consolation, I at least got to sample Great Lake’s Distillery’s Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit, which Aja rather brilliantly thought would be great in an Old Fashioned! Alas-alas, I had to drive home… so a Pumpkin Old Fashioned will have to wait until next time. 

 Hand-drawn coaster (I didn't draw it, but I did steal it! sssh!) 
with my $2 Riverwest Stein!  

Given that it was a Monday night around 5:30pm, there weren’t really many other customers, but those who were there seemed friendly enough. Other reviews have made mention of this being a Hipster Hangout, but give me a good a drink, break a five with singles for the photobooth, put on ROSEMARY’S BABY -- and you could fill a bar with zombies and I’d be happy. As long as they didn’t eat me!

My one beef would be that it’d be grand if Blackbird offered some food options during Happy Hour. They apparently offer some food options – I believe there was some pizza to be had… Given the excellent nearby Bayview restaurants though, it might be cool if Blackbird offered up menus for food that could be delivered or brought in. Or maybe I should just be a grown up and eat dinner before or after I go for Happy Hour ;). 

Or maybe I should just be a zombie and eat brains for Happy Hour! Muahahahaha! 

All is well that ends in... a photobooth strip!


Blackbird Bar 
Neighborhood: Bay View 

3007 S Kinnickinnic Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207 
(414) 486-1344

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