We'll Drink to That: Best Gift Idea EVER for Your Milwaukee Friends!

Halloween is over, so Christmas is like tomorrow, right?! Thanks 'Murica for keeping that economy chug-chug-chuggin' along! Speaking of which, this holiday season, I want a model train set like Gomez Addams!

 All I want for  Christmas...

All jokes aside (but what gleeful fun a model track would be?!) - I think I have found the primo supremo, ultimo perfecto, poor Italiano-saying inspiring gift for your Milwaukee Cara Mia's! And it's a set of... coasters.   

Coasters?! These ain't your boring 1973-looking coasters! CityTins is a fantastic Wisconsin based-company that encourages folks to support their local bars & restaurants through the sell of their CityTin gift packs. 

The set of 20 coasters comes in a cute tin and feature $10 off any purchase of $25 or more (pre-tax/gratuity) at 20 different Milwaukee restaurants. And CityTins know their target audience in Milwaukee (aka Brew City aka Beer Town) - for 2014, they're offering a new gift set - specifically for Bars & Lounges!

The bars & lounges featured in this lineup are: Allium, Belmont Tavern, Blue Jacket, Boone & Crockett, Cafe Centraal, Camp, Finks, Great Lakes Distillery, Hi Hat Lounge, Hotel Foster, INdustri Cafe, Lucky Joe's Tiki Room, Lulu, Nomad World Pub, Riverwest Filling Station, The Ruby Tap, Thief Wine, Tonic Tavern, Water Buffalo, and The Wicked Hop.

  JB at The Wicked Hop! I think I needed 2 coasters here... 
Just a couple words to the wise:

1) For your friends who like food as much as booze, CityTins is also selling their traditional Milwaukee and Madison Restaurant Coaster sets too!  

2) Friends don't let friends use CityTins coasters as actual coasters. Seriously, I had a coaster sitting out and a friend put their drink on it and I went full-on "I'll cut you" mode. Not my proudest moment.

3) Some of these coasters may not be usable during Happy Hour - I'd recommend calling and checking before your visit so you don't lose your good Happy Hour mojo/buzz when you're ready to check out with your coaster and they say, "sorry, nuh-uh." And then you say "I'll cut you." And then they don't understand your Gomez Addams sense of humor and you're going to need more than CityTins coasters to bail your value-loving ass out of jail.

Moving on... the bottom line is that if you do love a good deal as much as us (and our value-loving asses, I'm having that printed on my business card) - you will definitely appreciate this one! Seriously, you get your money's worth if you use 3 of the 20 coasters. 

Hot damn! We'll Drink to That indeed!!!

--JB's Value-Loving Ass

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