Burbank Bar & Grille

112 N. San Fernando Blvd. 
Burbank, CA 91502 

Parking: Free parking in back, metered street parking, somewhat nearby free lots
Days: Sunday-Friday
Time: Monday-Friday from 4-7pm; Monday-Thursday from 10pm-close; All day Sunday!
Drink Deals: $2.75 - $5 beers; $4 house wines by the glass 
Food Deals: $3 - $6 food deals (add $2 for bacon, consider it a bacon surcharge (ooh, may be onto something by taxing bacon!!) 

It was the last Blue Moon until 2015, so Booze and Tracy and I made sure to visit 2 Happy Hours within the space of one afternoon on a hot Labor Day weekend early dismissal. After sampling ciders at Story Tavern, we headed to Burbank Bar & Grille, where draft Blue Moon’s go for $3/glass. What a deal?! 

When JG lived in LA, we’d sometimes escape the crazy of our Hollywood hood (including the newly opened halfway home, halfway up the street) to run errands in Burbank. Burbank reminded us of our Midwest roots – a place where life is simpler, more convenient, with free parking, homes with decent lawns, and a decidedly un-edgy family atmosphere. Now that JG is back in Illinois, she gets to experience that on a regular basis. For me, I just gotta go to Burbank. 

 Halfway up the stairs (out of breath, J/K!)

Walking into Burbank Bar & Grille (BBG) is like walking into an upscale comedy club back in the Midwest – brick walls, a staircase that leads to the 2nd floor bar with more bar and dining seating than you’ll find in any Hollywood venue. I’m not sure where my idea of the comedy club comes in, because there are definitely no comedians performing and the happy hour is no joke, but let’s go with it. 

A glance at the bar

So this no-joke Happy Hour – you got your $2.75 to $5 drink deals, you got $3 to $6 food deals and it runs every Monday to Friday from 4-7pm, every Monday to Thursday from 10pm to close, and every Sunday, all day. Far out!

As previously stated, we were here for the Blue Moons, so that’s what we drank – 3 apiece for $27 (pre-tax and tip). Out of this world (or out of LA proper at least)! Since Story Tavern didn’t have any food specials, we were pretty hungry when we arrived at BBG and we quickly set to ordering from their better than average bar food menu: 

Carrots and Celery with Ranch ($3) – honestly, the best Happy Hour plate in the galaxy for a chronic nibbler like me!! 

Tater Tots ($5.95) – these weren’t on HH, but how can you pass up a nice order of Tater Tots?! Napoleon Dynamite couldn’t. 

Mushroom Flatbread Pizza ($9.25) – again, not on HH, but this was some good pizza! 

In addition to being budget-friendly, the space was group friendly with plenty of seating. We stretched out along a nice round booth and even though the bar was doing good business, we had a whole area to ourselves, allowing us to be the loud, silly after-work gossip girls that really, we all should be on early dismissal holidays! Even you men-folk out there! 


The wait staff was most helpful, giving us no grief for ordering the carrots and celery that weren’t printed on the proper menu, but were listed on-line (thanks smart phone, you are so smart!). That may seem insignificant, but JG and I have encountered many hosts/hostesses and waiters/waitresses who refuse to honor deals that are listed anywhere but the menu. 

You go, Burbank Bar & Grille! Will try not to wait until the next Blue Moon to visit!! 


Rating: 5 Martinis

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