White Chocolate Grill

1803 Freedom Dr.
Naperville, IL 60563

Parking: Lot
Days: Daily
Times: 2-6pm M-F; 2-5pm Sat & Sun
Drink Deals: $6 Featured Wine, Featured Skyy Martinis
Food Deals: $2.99-7.99 Select Appetizers

The first happy hour I found upon my move back to the Chicago suburbs was White Chocolate Grill, conveniently located near what has become my regular nail salon.  Well, I stared at it as my nails dried and my hometown homegirl, Diana (friendship 20+ years!) did the research to find out that White Chocolate Grill does have a happy hour!

Never one to waste any time, I checked out this happy hour a few days later with my friend, Tamika.  (Diana was invited, but couldn’t make this one… not to worry though. She’ll likely pop up lots here.)  For drinks, we learned that happy hour caters to vodka and wine drinkers only. No beer or any other liquor specials listed on my visit.  There is one red and one white wine featured for $6 a glass. There are also three Skyy martinis listed for $6. We went for the $6 Skyy Lemon Drop martinis and there was something special about them – they were just too good!  I suspect the bartenders may actually use lemonade and not a sour mix. Whatever it is – they are definitely JG approved!

We also split two appetizers - AZ egg rolls, also known as southwest egg rolls, ($6.99) and plate of sliders ($6.99).  The plate of sliders included 3 different sliders & fresh cut fries. The fries were delicious and BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger sliders were great. The Maytag slider (blue cheese, bacon bits, & lettuce) and WCG Cheeseburger slider were good too, but the BBQ Bacon was the standout because of it had the perfect amount of cheese and bacon.

Happy Hour at White Chocolate Grill only takes place in the bar & lounge area.  The bar area is spacious, even so – during our visit, all the bar stools were occupied. We sat at a table and the first thing I noticed was that everyone was older… like way older, white hair for everyone.  No judgment though because in my golden years I hope to be on the scene rather than at bingo. However, I was surprised not to see more of a diverse crowd since we were in an area full of corporate offices, leading me to think it may be a great after-work spot.  Once happy hour was over, the crowd was more diverse so I guess I just caught the early bird special.

Although I might not be making any friends at White Chocolate Grill, I would like to go back for more food & drinks.


Rating: 4 Martinis

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