Fresh & Easy Twitter Wine Tasting: Summer Spirits

A new season, a new Fresh & Easy Wine Tasting Twitter Party! To kick off summer with their new wine specialties, Fresh & Easy grocery store invited The Happy Hour Tour and a mix of other food & drink bloggers to join in for their 3rd Twitter Wine Tasting Party. For this party, F&E mailed out gift cards so we could all pick up the wines at our local stores and recommended some delicious bites we could pair with the wine selection. Here’s all the wonderful stuff we tried: 

  • Charonge Wine – just kidding, we didn’t try this one as our Hollywood store didn’t carry it (we got you, didn't we?!). But what we did learn was that the Charonge wine (Chardonnay with pure distilled orange) was dreamed up whilst its inventor was drinking Blue Moon, the perfect beer to drink with a slice of orange – he just figured why not try it with wine. Most of the group really enjoyed the wine though one Debbie Downer asked “so it’s basically just chardonnay and triple sec?” Fresh & Easy wine master Richard Wherry answered humorously, “Basically.” Wherry also discussed a possible 2nd wine blend – Lemon Grigio! My recommendation of Shirazberry was not responded to :).
  • Big Kahuna Red Sangria – An awesome sangria that comes in a large plastic bottle and retails for $4 here in California, this sweet treat would be an ideal summer picnic or barbecue wine. A lot of us in the Twitter party have made our own sangria, but most of us agreed that the Big Kahuna version would be an easy and fine substitute if you’re low on time. We enjoyed our sangria with Manchego cheese and stoned wheat crackers along with Dalmatia Fig spread. So good I could cry!
The Vittles - Cheese Plate and Pizza!
  • I Heart California Red Wine Blend – Here at HHT, we are true lovers of red blends and this Fresh & Easy brand bottle was a delight – full bodied and round with a smooth red fruit finish. We loved this with Fresh & Easy’s Tomato & Basil pizza and its almost-sweet crust.

An hour in and 2 bottles half-drank, the party wrapped up with talk of a Beer Tasting Twitter party later this summer. We might need to find some nice beer menz to partake in this gastro-culinary endeavor! If you know any, send ‘em our way!


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