Zapata Vive!!

101 S First Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 254-9111

Parking: Free Street Parking for 2 Hours
Days: Daily
Hours: 3-7pm
Drink Deals: Domestic Beer (bottled) for $3; Margaritas, Imported Beer (Bottled), House Wine, and Well Drinks for $3.50; Flavored Margaritas for $4; and Shot of Monte Blanco for $4.50
Food Deals: 4 Food Options for $3.50 apiece or have all of them for $12!

One of the best things about LA is that you don’t have to travel that far not to be in LA anymore. I know that sounds kind of backwards, but it’s really nice to be able to take a somewhat scenic drive on Old Route 66 (Colorado Blvd.) into Pasadena, which is a little slice of non-LA pie unto itself, and sometimes going onto Arcadia – home of the Los Angeles Arboretum and the Santa Anita Parkway. It’s also home to the Santa Anita Mall, which houses a big old movie multiplex Booze and I love!

After a Santa Anita Mall double-feature of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (which JG later comically condensed down to “SNOWMAN”) and DARK SHADOWS (which sadly, I want to banish to the Dark Shadows of my memory) – we paid for both, thank you very much – we decided to venture into Arcadia proper for an afternoon Happy Hour.

 Da Cantina

Utilizing trusty Yelp (it is trusty, you just have to find the average review somewhere between those a-little-too glowing ones and those written by the internet trolls who live under internet bridges), we found our way to Zapata Vivee!! on a quiet street in downtown Arcadia. Not that it’s the hottest spot on Yelp, but we did appreciate the helpful Happy Hour information posted by a friendly user. The restaurant and cantina is a pretty quiet affair – there was one older local drinking $3 bottled Miller Lights, but that was it.

Da Restaurant

The restaurant itself reminds me a lot of a mom'n'pop restaurant you’d find in any small town – an older smell to it (not bad, just not new), older d├ęcor, cute details like fake flowers in the lady’s room, and even a home-use blender to make the blended margaritas.

 House Margarita ($3.50)

Being gals who like the liquor to hit quicker (actually I just don’t like the brain freeze I get from blended ones :), Booze and I ordered a couple $3.50 House Margaritas on the rocks, with salt. I don’t think I’ve paid under $5 for something of that size anywhere in the vicinity and they tasted just right for a warm afternoon, so loving that. For vittles, we shared an order of Cheese Quesadillas, also $3.50 – which were a perfect sharing size, quite tasty, and at a price that can’t be beat.

Cheese Quesadilla ($3.50); Complimentary Chips & Salsa

I don’t think I’d ever drive to Arcadia just to visit Zapata Vive!! (seriously, the exclamation points are in the name!!), but I would recommend it for a quick drink and bite if you happen to be in the area and in the market for 4 drinks and 1 appetizer for under $20 (before tip). That’s rad.

-- JB

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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