Philippe Chow - CLOSED

8284 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Parking: $6 Valet
Days: Daily
Time: 6-8pm, All Night on Tuesday
Drink Deals: $4 Beer, $7 Well Drinks
Food Deals: $7 Appetizers

As someone who has produced hidden camera segments for reality TV, I often think that when things get weird I may be in a hidden camera gag. Call it paranoia, I guess.  When I set out to check out a new Happy Hour at Philippe Chow, maybe the joke was on me, but there was no hidden camera reveal.

RF-PR had informed us of a new All Night Happy Hour on Tuesdays night, so I decided to meet up there with HHT supporter, Junebug, to catch up on production goals and long-term dreams. It was a good thing that we were not dreaming of a drink because it took nearly THIRTY minutes to get one. Yes – as in a half hour!

When we first arrived, we were so busy chatting that it took a minute for us to realize that no one had come over to greet us. It seemed a bit odd since the place was hardly busy. I went to the bar and asked the server if we needed to order with him or if a server comes to the tables. He explained that there is a server, would send someone over, but they needed to find the happy hour menus. Hmm…

Finally, a Happy Hour menu, but no drink specials specified.
Cut to another 10 minutes later and still no server or menu, even though two servers walked past us multiple times. This time, I went to the hostess stand and presented the email about the new happy hour. She confirmed that I was in the right place and someone would be over. Still no service. This time, I showed the bartender the email with happy hour specials and ordered from that. He informed us that the drinks listed on the email were not on happy hour even though the language on the email read “the specially priced menu features signature cocktails and delectable appetizers for no more than $7.” 

We asked to speak to a manager.

The manager explained that I should have never received that email. She said that only well drinks were $7 but that the bartender can “play around with well liquor to see if could make one of the specialty cocktails” because they "can’t give away their good stuff at that price." We didn’t want to argue so we decided to stay for a long awaited drink, courtesy of the manager. We learned from the folks sitting next to us that the bartender was not good at mixing drinks so we ordered wine – sauvignon blanc for me, moscato for June. We also ordered 2 appetizers at $7 each – chicken lettuce wraps and calamari. The server took our order walked away, then returned to ask for it again. We told him, he walked away and returned to confirm that we wanted fried rice (no!); told us that he had problems remembering things so that he would take the drink order first, then return back for the food order. Seriously.

As luck would not have it, I was served pinot grigio instead of sauvignon blanc. At this point, I would have drank a beer had it been served to me… and I’m not a beer drinker. The food came out 15 minutes apart, with no apologies or explanation for the wait.  The wine was mediocre but the food was a bit better, just not worth a return visit.

Beggers can't be choosers, I guess.
Our night finally turned around when we met the folks from RF PR.  They apologized for the service and took care of our bill. They also made sure that we got to try one of the specialty cocktails; although the verdict is still out if the drinks are featured on happy hour. We tried the Xante’s Inferno and Golden Grape. Both drinks were good, but the Golden Grape was unusually warm, more so than room temperature.

Xante's Inferno... still no idea of the Happy Hour price
Terrible service, mediocre food, and all right drinks, I have to say it this happy hour earned….

Rating: 1 Martini


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