Bigfoot Lodge

3172 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Parking: 2 hr. limit for metered street parking or free parking in the ‘hood
Days: Daily
Time: 5-8pm
Drink Deals: $5 cocktails & cheap beer
Food Deals: None – no food at this joint

People are often surprised to learn that JB & I have not covered happy hour at the east-side Bigfoot Lodge. We both have been on different, non-happy hour occasions, but we’ve never set on a mission to cover it until after a weekend trip to the Glendale Galleria. After watching a shoplifter and a store clerk fight (we think!) and working our way through crazy crowds of tweens, a drink was much deserved.

Finally, a cocktail at Bigfoot's Happy Hour. 

Bigfoot Lodge is a kitschy, lodge styled bar complete with wood d├ęcor, animal heads on the walls, and a sign that may or may not have came from an actual forest.  It’s the eastside version & older brother of The Woods… or maybe The Woods is the Hollywood version of Bigfoot? The staff is friendly, the crowd is low-key, and the happy hour is daily. My only wish for Bigfoot is that they get a jukebox and a photobooth because it’s totally a bar that looks like it would have both. There was music playing from somewhere but we never found the source. JB did find a DJ booth, but no DJ. 

$5 Rude Beer float. Trust us, it's good.

The happy hour score is in the $5 rotating, but limited, cocktail menu. JB & I both had the Rude Bear float, a boozy root beer float made with root beer liquor, vanilla vodka, and topped with half & half. It may sound crazy, but it was actually kinda crazy good.  It would have been nice if Bigfoot Lodge had a larger cocktail menu like their westside alter-ego, Bigfoot West, but we made do. JB ordered a Jameson & Coke for round 2; it was a generous pour and a nice sipper drink for a lodge setting.  There’s no food (or kitchen) but if you’re hungry, there’s always happy hour at Kuma Sushi (review coming soon!) across the street!

If you’re a single lady, it’s worth noting that the guys outnumbered the ladies, which at one point was just us two chicks.  At another point in the evening, all the bar stools were occupied by guys without a TV with a sporting event in sight. We didn’t make any gentlemen friends on this visit.  I’d like to think it was because we were occupied with happy hour business in our booth, but maybe some other time.  Good luck, ladies!

Your future baby daddy awaits?

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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