Kung Pao Kitty

6445 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: $6 various lots – ignore the $4 with validation note on the Kung Pao Kitty website, we were told there is no $4 parking in the area, even with validation
Daily, 3-7pm, $3 Yanjing, $4 Bloody Marys, $5 well drinks, house sake, & Jager bombs, $7 Sake-2-me; bites from $2-7

Is there ever a thing as too much good service? There must be because that is exactly what JB & I got during a Saturday afternoon happy hour at Kung Pao Kitty. While we may have complained about bad service at
Checkers Downtown, Malo, & Kay ‘n Dave’s Cantina there’s something to be said about checking on a table no less than 15 times in an hour and a half.

Believe it or not, JB & I don’t happy hour together that much. Hell, sometimes we go so long without catching up that I leave out full events because I don’t realize that it’s been so long. Needless to say, when we do find the time to catch up, I don’t need a server interrupting every 5 minutes (seriously!) to ask if I need something else when I’ve barely gotten into the drink & food I’ve just been served.
Now, to be fair, the server was plenty nice and helpful. He helped us decide on appetizers – crunchy moo-shu chicken tacos ($2 each) for me and wonton nachos ($3) for us to share. We joked that we maybe should have just hit up a Mexican joint instead. The tacos were tasty, but a bit spicy for my sensitive pallet. For drinks, JB went for the Yanjing Beer ($3) and I had my own bottle of sake ($5). Our server returned plenty of times to ask how we liked the appetizers and if we were ready to order anything else. I guess in addition to being a good server, he was probably lonely since there was hardly anyone at happy hour and the tv’s playing
Phenomenon might not have been doing it for him. I suggested to JB that they play The Wizard of OZ to sync up with the Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack that played, kind of strange background music for the Chinese-themed restaurant with its lacquered red and gold walls and Eastern decor.

We later ordered the sesame fries with wasabi ketchup ($4). The fries were my favorite since I love steak cut fries and the twist on the ketchup was nice – not spicy, just a kick. I also tried the Asian Pear
Sake-2-Me drink ($7). I thought that the drink was going to be a cocktail based on price, but it turned out to be a baby beer bottle of flavored sake. Although it was good, I would never pay $7 for that size of drink again. Once we were nearly done with our food (and staff desperately wanting to clean our table), I wasn’t much in the mood to stay much longer even though we had the time. The constant check-ins was just too much for me, so we closed our tab and headed back to The Happy Hour Tour headquarters.

While Kung Pao Kitty may not be for me, it may be the perfect happy hour for someone looking to try new foods that can appreciate the attention of a server who will be more than attentive with their likes & dislikes. It may also be the perfect Hollywood happy hour for a tourist in need of a break from the Walk of the Fame.
Rating: 2.5 Martinis

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