The Short Stop

1455 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Parking: Free street parking, but pretty limited
Daily, 5-10pm, $2 PBR & $3 Well Drinks from 5-8pm; $3 Margarita & $4 Stoli from 9-10pm

Most ladies would think if they went to a bar known for its crowd before & after sporting events, that said crowd would have some quality men. This may be true at some places, but definitely was not so at The Short Stop.

Male readers, please forgive me if this sounds too girly, but all of pop culture leads females to believe this is true. Even a little.

I went to The Short Stop after a Dodger’s game and it was more than full of men of all ages and ethnicities that had just came from the game. When wingwomen and I walked into the bar, almost every guy stared at us. While there may not necessarily be anything wrong with that, it is wrong when men just stare & stare & stare and say absolutely nothing. In fact, it gives off a sexual predator vibe. Perhaps, there’s something in pop culture to lead men believe that is how they should pick up a women.

Luckily, the bar wasn’t too crowded, but we were quite shocked to find out they were already sold out of PBR at 5:30pm, given that the bar opened at 5pm. We ordered margaritas & Miller Lite and settled into the room that is known for its dance floor. The dance floor room is quite odd looking during the day because it’s just a dark room

lined with tables where everyone must sit around the room looking at each other. At night, it serves its purpose, but during the day it looks kinda odd since people are there to just to hang out and are left sitting around an empty room with nothing in the middle. Now, back to the sexual predators…

Inside the dance floor room, we sat at a table, and a guy sat
right next to us even though there were three available tables further down. We forgave it at first, thinking maybe he had some friends ordering drinks that would join him. Instead he sat alone the whole time, without a drink. More than once he slid closer to us, so much so that his arm was almost around my friend, but never said anything. We thought we heard him talking at one point, but since he never made a conscious effort to speak up, we got creeped out and walked away.

At another point, while sitting in a new spot, a guy walked up to
me, lit his lighter next to me, laughed, and walked away. He never said anything. Then, there was another guy dressed up like a crazy, Midwest gym teacher who stared and stared but never approached. I know how scary it could be to make a move, but seriously staring is never the way to go. After all these weird encounters, we hit the photo booth ($3 for 1 strip) and hit the road.

As far as service, I didn’t get to befriend anyone behind the bar because the bar was kinda busy and there were no bar stools to make myself at home. I wasn’t a fan of the 5-8pm, then 9-10pm specials. It can be confusing since their twitter page promotes a 5-10pm happy hour. I’d really like to know what the specials are from 8-9pm. Anything?!?!

Happy Hour was definitely a different experience from the all-night dance parties I had experienced on weekend nights years earlier at the Short Stop. I had higher hopes for the place, and I just hope the regular crowd is better.

Do tell: Is The Short Stop full of creeps now? Or did I just go on a bum day?

Rating: 2.5 Martinis


  1. I'm female and have been going to the ShortStop for years—just hit it up last Friday before the game—and have never encountered a creepy vibe. Bummer about the PBRs though.

  2. creepy, I only say that cause I was with you.



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