Crazy Rock’N Sushi

7100 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste 158
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 882-8247

Parking: West Hollywood Gateway Complex ($1.50 for first hour or metered parking on Formosa or Santa Monica Blvd.)

Daily, 12 -10 pm, $2.85-$4 sashimi & sushi rolls

Mis-using the term happy hour should be considered a US Food & Drug Administration crime, punishable by dishwashing duties. If that was the case, the proprietors of Crazy Rock’N Sushi would be washing dishes for the next five years. Now, that’s a little harsh because it’s not like they don’t offer okay deals, but they offer them all the time and it seems like they should just call their happy hour “Open for Business with okay deals on food.” When I go to a happy hour, I want to feel like I’m getting a really special deal, not just “open for business.”

Basically, Crazy Rock’N Sushi’s happy hour is from noon to 10 pm every day and there are no drink specials. Select sashimi and basic sushi rolls (not the tempura & cream cheese one that my piggy heart covets) are all half-off, from $2.85 - $4, so definitely some bargain prices there. And it was fun to bring visiting Daddy-o out for real-life sushi, his favorites back in Illinois are Wal-Mart’s California rolls (don’t laugh; they actually have someone making fresh rolls at Wal-Mart!!).

The items we did order off the half-price menu – bean curd sashimi (now that’s different!!) for $2.85 and the salmon roll for $3.50 – were perfectly tasty. As was the edamame for $2.50 (Dad’s first experience with edamame, which he likened to boiled peanuts... you can take the boy out of Tennessee, but you can’t take Tennessee out of the boy) and $6.95 California tempura roll (has to be better than Wal-Mart’s, right?). We also ordered some non-happy hour cocktails – the Dream Machine (Melon-Liquer cough syrup) and Red Dragon (glorified Vodka-Cranberry) for $5.95/drink.

The vibe is okay inside, though pretty loud and with a kinda gay-disco soundtrack (not quite rock’n!) and the service is a touch slow, but all the servers seemed very nice and it was fun to watch the chefs at the sushi bar (Dad pointed out that back in Illinois, they would probably make the sushi chefs hide their crazy rock’n hairstyles under hairnets). JG has also been to Crazy Rock’N Sushi a few times and can second on the service. The reason she hasn’t written a review? She’s been wondering where the eff the drinks specials are, but the servers have been confused whenever she’s asked.

Bottom line? If you’re shopping at the Gateway Target and you want a good deal on sushi for lunch or dinner, stop by. But if you want to actually feel like you’re at a happy hour, try Formosa Café a few steps down. Or do a body good and take a walk to the Sunset Strip for their happy hours, which is just what Dad & I did!


Rating: 2 Martinis for Happy Hour, 3.5 for lunch/dinner
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