The Bungalow Club

7174 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Parking: $6 Valet; metered street parking til 8pm
4-7pm, Monday – Friday, all night drink specials on Mondays, $4 select beers, $6 martini specials, & $5-7 select food

The Bungalow Club is a happy hour that’s been on my to-do list for some time now. In needing to hit more happy hours, I shared my to-do list with my good friend Carrie to help me get to work. First up, The Bungalow Club.

We rolled into The Bungalow Club around 6pm on a Monday to find it pretty empty. The only

people there appeared to be co-workers hovered over computers, possibly waiting for the Monday night movie screenings. Whenever I want to get to know a place, I like to sit at the actual bar, but before we got a chance to settle in at the bar, one of the bartenders told us that we could sit anywhere for happy hour and a server would be right with us; so we sat at a table in eye-line of the bartenders for a good five minutes, but no one ever came over. We were just about to get up and order a drink at the bar when we saw that there were more people on the patio. Certainly that’s where all the servers were.

There was no one working at the host stand, nor did we see someone seating customers so we sat ourselves at a bungalow. After a couple of minutes, a grumpy girl handed us menus and rattled off some happy hour information that didn’t make much sense to either of us. Shortly after, our official server, Crystal, introduced herself and gave us correct happy hour information, without having to ask for it. Things were much better… as long as we were only dealing with her.
We stayed for two rounds of drinks and a bite to eat. Carrie ordered the Great White beer ($4), to which she took one sip and said “Oh, that’s good.” For my first drink, I went for the Mango Martini ($6), which was too thick for my liking, but still managed to have a nice amount of vodka in it. I switched to the Ginger Pear Martini ($6), which I first experienced at their sister bar, Barbarella Bar. It’s always nice to have a refreshing cocktail on a warm day and the drink was just that.

Having worked out that day and being fresh from work, we were more than ready to eat. Out of everything on the happy hour menu, we were most excited about the choice of three different sliders ($6). I ordered the filet mignon sliders, and Carrie ordered
the premium domestic lamb sliders. Each order came with 2 sliders and a side of shoestring fries or sweet potato fries. We both order sweet potato fries so often that we decided to change it up with shoestring fries. Then, we reminisced about the shoestring fries potato chips. Remember them?

Grumpy Girl delivered our food, told us she would return with napkins but never returned. When Crystal checked in on us, we told her we were doing well, but that we could really use some napkins. We could tell she was shocked that we had been served food with no utensils or napkins, but she quickly delivered the needed napkins. After that, we were back on track for the rest of the night and completely cleaned our plates!

By the time, we left the bar hadn’t picked up much more at all. In fact, some people had left. The Bungalow Club is definitely worth visiting for the amazing food and drinks. However, I would probably only go back if Crystal gave me her schedule.
Rating: 3 Martinis

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