Barbarella Bar

2609 N. Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Parking: Metered Street Parking

Daily, 4-7pm & 10-11pm (drinks only), $4 Draft Beers, $6 Well Drinks, House Wine, Mojitos, & Martinis that make your mouth water! Plus select apps from $4-6

When arriving at Barbarella Bar for happy hour, it’s easy to assume that the bar is not open for business. The place is empty, the staff is busy, and the door won’t open. Hint: Turn the knob. We don’t really care if we’re the first to arrive anywhere as long as the drinks, price, & service are all up to par.
Barbarella Bar is ready to go at 4pm for a happy hour that last until 7pm. The happy hour takes place in the front lounge and bar, but not too worry there is plenty of seating. The drinks are all $6 and under – draft beers for $4, well drinks & house wine for $6, & 20+ martinis & mojitos for $6! There are also select appetizers between $4-6. We opted for the wings, beer, mojitio, & ginger pear martini.

With a name inspired by the film, Barbarella Bar is all about the ladies. Even the logo features a bodacious babe with knee high boots & bustier.

Also, one section of the bar is wall papered with black & white sketches of nekkid ladies. It’s a wonder that this isn’t a lesbian bar or a place where men flock to find sexy ladies. We didn’t eyeball anyone on the prowl, but we did see people who looked like they may be having a business meeting or just a quick drink. Although the scene was so-so, we have nothing bad to say about the food, drink, or service. We were too amused by our delicious drinks and own personal photo shoot to care to have anyone join us.
We would be interested in checking out Barbarella Bar later in the evening to check out the night scene. During happy hour, we saw the hostess checking the reservation book, as well as place “Reserved” signs on a couple tables. This might not be our regular happy hour spot, but it might be worth another visit.
Rating: 4 Martinis
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