Kinaree Thai Bistro

1253 N La Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 969-8611

Parking: Small parking lot in back of restaurant (entrance on Fountain), metered street parking along La Brea

Daily, 5-7 pm, $2-5 drinks & $2-5 appetizers!

As anyone who knows us can tell you, we love any happy hour that we can walk to (ahem, the Woods). And both Jennie & I love Thai food. So it was with a touch of glee that we discovered that our local Thai delivery joint, Kinaree Thai Bistro, located at the accident-prone intersection of Fountain & La Brea – where poor Shia ran over his own hand!), offered a 5-7 daily happy hour.

Served throughout the restaurant (bar & general seating area), the deals are good – $2-5 appetizers and $2-3 beers, and $5 specialty cocktails. I’ve been a couple times now and have enjoyed the $2 edamame and house salad, the $3 golden triangles, and steamed veggie dumplings.
I also have stuck with my tried and true favorite drink offering, Tsing-Tao, which is only $2/bottle. On a work assignment to Shanghai several years back, like clockwork, I’d enjoy a Tsing-Tao with a Kit-Kat bar at 4 pm everyday while completing the day’s paperwork. Pre-dinner apĂ©ritif of champs! Back on topic at Kinaree, I usually order a dinner item as well (pad-see-ew, glass noodles, yellow curry, and rainbow vegetables – I’ll dream of you tonight…), the food is well-priced and quite delectable.

Kinaree’s atmosphere is like a small mom & pop owned restaurant, not a happening club or bar. This makes for a great quiet place to catch up with a friend or date, just don’t go expecting to meet your Valentine or to see the latest in modern restaurant design.

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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  1. lolz. Chinese beer & soy beans with Japanese names, all at a Thai restaurant.



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