We'll Drink to That: Pinky Vodka

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We love a good vodka cocktail. Both Jennie & I are partial to Cape Cods, y’know cranberry & vodka’s, or in the interest of weight loss/maintenance, vodka-soda’s with a splash of Cranberry. So, obviously, we were excited like school-girls upon trying out our first bottle for review, all hail Pinky Vodka! We planned a Friday night of stay-in fun to celebrate by playing drink mixologists. After a few Pinky cocktails, we also became artsy photographers, costumed dancers, and basically anything else you might pretend to be at a sleepover when you’re twelve years old!! Don’t believe us, check out the slideshow, featuring more amazing shots like the one below!

Pinky Vodka was a great choice for this inaugural “Girls Night In” since it’s marketed as the first vodka created for women, each pink bottle hand-blended with violets, rose petals, and other botanicals. Mancation Carrie joined us as we sampled many Pinky concoctions – from Pinky on the Rocks to Pinky Cape Cods to Pinky Berry Breezes (a personal favorite featuring vodka, frozen berries instead of ice cubes, and diet tonic water) and more! Pinky provided a great base for every fruity drink as those subtle botanicals flavors only enhanced the mix-in’s.

Pinky’s website offers many, many ideas for mixed cocktails, but I decided to create a cocktail around the thorny logo – the Guns & Roses. Trouble is, I honestly don’t know what would go into that cocktail – that would still taste awesome :). Any ideas? We'd love to hear them!

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  1. I used 3 of these lil things to churn sorbets last year. Thankfully, my boobs didn't get any bigger after chowing on said icy treats.

  2. We're glad your boobs didn't get any bigger too :)! And yum, sorbet!! What a good idea with Pinky Vodka? What kinds did you make?



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