About Us

“Our wallets are light. Our drinks don't have to be.”

As longtime fans of good booze, good eats, and great deals, Jennie & Jessica have always found Happy Hour to be the best dining-out meal of the day! We love a nice deal so when Happy Hour is up at one spot, we’ll sometimes keep the tour moving to the next. It takes us a lot of work to find the best Happy Hours in Los Angeles, so when a friend suggested that we share our findings with the world, we saw a grand opportunity and created TheHappyHourTour.com. Though some may call us boozehounds or lushes, we like to consider ourselves important scientific researchers – committed to finding the perfect 5-Martini-rated Happy Hours. In May 2013, we discontinued the rating system, but our reviews continue!

Believe it or not – reviewing happy hours is not our full-time jobs! 

When not at happy hour, Jennie can be found working behind the scenes of reality TV whether it be in LA or as far as New Zealand, or spending hard earned money on cupcakes, shoes, purses, and pedicures. Jennie is currently covering Happy Hours in the Chicagoland area.

Jessica can be found working in the non-profit sector, discussing the future of cinema, reading an interesting book (or interesting match.com profiles!), and/or walking dogs at a local shelter. Jessica is now covering Milwaukee Happy Hours!

In addition to Happy Hours, we've covered events & tastings for Effen Vodka, Pinky VodkaFresh & EasyHerradura tequila, Roberty Mondavi wines, & Pasadena Wine Festival


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