The Happy Hour Tour - Holiday Gift Guide

The holidaze are upon us and we hope you’ve all been both naughty and nice this year! A little more nice than naughty, ya saucy lil’ elf minxes! This season, we’ve been shopping… and boozing! For real, don’t risk mall shopping at the height of the holiday season without visiting a mall-area Happy Hour - check out where to go in Chicago and Milwaukee!

Your favorite lil' holiday elves!

We know that selecting gifts for your near and dear ones isn’t always easy. To make things a little simpler, here’s our line-up of picks for what to get the Happy Hour enthusiast in your life!

JG Selects

I can sometimes be the easiest/hardest person to shop for. I’m easy to shop for because everyone who knows me well knows that I love wine, shoes, magazines, and men. OK, no one’s ever given me a man as a gift... and I’m pretty sure because that may be illegal. However, I’m such a shopaholic that it’s hard to buy me something that I may not have already snatched up myself, but one can never have too much liquor or shoes though, right? So shop on, friends & family. Shop on!

Modern House Wines
Ever since this discovery at my local Target, I’ve been drinking this berry delicious red blend wine that stays fresh until the very last drop. Not only am I head over heels for this wine, but it also made the cut for this year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Holiday Gift Guide.

Santa’s little elves recently sent me a sampler kit that included their 3 different vodkas: potato, rye, and wheat. The potato vodka was by far my favorite with hints of vanilla and a smooth finish. I didn’t even know vodka could taste so smooth until now.

Apple Gift Card
I find Apple gift cards to be great for 2 reasons - purchasing jams for a Happy Hour playlist and getting new photo apps to capture great Happy Hour moments. Current app obsessions: Instagram, Flipagram, and Night Modes.

JB Selects

Gifting is easy and I only say that because when in doubt - wine, flowers, movie theater gift certificates are always welcome! Getting the special “just right” gift for someone isn’t always as simple. So my selects this year are a little more general – just keep in mind your giftee's personality, hobbies, favorite shows, movies, bands, etc in mind and I’m sure you can find something totally up their alley (or chimney?!).

Something local!
Shopping local is a win-win times ten!! Not only are you supporting your local community community and its workers, craftspeople, etc, but chances are you’ll find something one-of-a-kind for those one-of-a-kind folks in your life!

Colectivo Holiday Offerings

For you Milwaukeean's, check out the Girl About Town's suggestions of where to shop locally. We also love Rishi Tea, Colectivo Coffee, and artwork by local greats, Dwellephant, and KPolly. Speaking of the latter, have you got a special “Law & Order: SVU” victim (typo and it stays) in your life? Look no further than KPolly’s original SVU 8x10 artwork – available on Etsy!

KPolly's SVU Print!

And of course, don’t forget about those Milwaukee Bar & Lounge CityTins, which I already wrote a whole novel about!! Best. Gift. Ever!!!!

Anything from Art in the Age!
Art in the Age is the epitome of shopping local. Okay, literally only local if you live in Philadelphia, but its good are carefully curated and very unique AND bonus for us boozers, they’ve got a whole cool line of liquor and cool booze-related items!

We'd love to try their Rhubarb Tea, a summery garden liqeur available online here ($33.99). And if we overdid it, they carry an intriguing Hangover Tonic ($20) described as "warm and woody with hints of ginger, fennel, citrus, and a touch of wintergreen” best combined with tea, juice, soda water or classic cocktails! Is it bad to say I kind of want to get a hangover just to try this? HA!

Rhubarb Tea and your new Hangover Elixer!

Happy Hour and Conversation!
Do any of you have Facebook friends that you’ve only met a couple times in person, but who post such cool stories and pictures that you feel like old friends?! I have a pal just like that and I’m totally stealing his terrific FB post for my third gift idea.

“PLEASE NOTE: I would much rather get hugs and spend 1 hour talking & having coffee with you in lieu of X-mas presents.”

Couldn’t have put it better, my FB friend - well except for changing “having coffee” to “having Happy Hour!” Moving across country, away from many dear friends, has made me especially appreciate the value of really good conversations with really good friends. As I expand my friend-verse here in the Midwest, I look forward to many more conversations with pals, new and old, silver and gold, over all the best cocktails Milwaukee has to offer.

Nothing like a Happy Hour with friends! 

PS – I’m totally getting JG a man for Christmas this year, legal or not.

So here’s to finding the perfect gifts for your near and dear ones! And maybe some action under the mistletoe to set your holiday spirits soaring!

Happy Holidays!
Jennie and Jessica

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  1. Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing. I would like to present this potato vodka to my friend on this weekend party.



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