Houlihan's - Naperville

Parking: Free lot
Days: Sunday-Thursday
Time: All Day Drink Specials / 4-7pm & 10pm-close Food Specials
Drink Deals: Half-off Domestic Draft Beer, House Cocktails, & Long Island Iced Teas
Food Deals: $6.95-8.95 select appetizers

Drink Up: You might think you’re having a heat stroke but you’re not - the drinks prices are too damn good at Houlihan's! You can’t beat $3.25 Long Island Iced Tea creations.

Spill The Wine: Happy Hour is at the bar & lounge only. It’s patio season! Give the 
boozers a break this summer.

-------- You know a place is serious about Happy Hour when their website includes a clock counting down to their “Happier Hour!”  Sometimes when JB & I research deals, it’s so hard to find the details that it’s as if a place doesn’t want people know at all.  Houlihan’s is all about Happy Hour so I was all about them!

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I put on my best Lisa Frank shirt to meet up with HHT regular, Tamika, at Houlihan’s “Happier Hour.”  Like most chain restaurants, Houlihan’s is known more for its food than its drinks.  Let me tell you all - the drink deals are where it’s at!  On Sundays through Thursdays, domestic draft beers, house cocktails and Long Island Iced Teas are half-off and served in tall glasses.  All Day. The regularly priced cocktails are pretty easy on the wallet, too. So easy that I kicked off happy hour with the strawberry basil lemonade cocktail ($6.75) made with Plymouth Gin. I’ve never met a strawberry cocktail that I didn’t like and the basil lemonade was so refreshing on an 80-degree day.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade - $6.75
The bartenders were very helpful when it came to telling us the most popular drinks and that’s how we learned of the 8 different Long Island Iced Tea cocktails. I’ve never been a big fan of the drink, but I’m always open to trying new drinks…especially when priced at $3.25!  Each drink has the vodka, rum, gin, and sweet & sour base of a traditional Long Island Tea plus additional flavors. Tamika had the Georgia Peach, made with Peachtree Schnapps and cranberry juice; while I had the Melon, made with Midori and cranberry juice. One bartender told us the Melon was the most popular and we agreed that was the better of the two because it had the perfect amount of sweetness. The Georgia Peach was a lil’ too much on the sweet side for us.  Other stronger flavors include Kentucky with Jim Beam and Texas with tequila and coke.

Melon Long Island Iced Tea - $3.25
Another plus to Houlihan’s drink deals is that they offer wine and martini flights! If you can’t decide which martini to order or you just like to sample drinks, like me, without breaking the bank, you can pick 3 martinis for a $9.25 flight.  The wine flight includes 3 wines for $11. Unlike most places that have pre-selected flights, you can make your own with any wine, red or white, that’s offered by the glass.
And the food? The food is just as great as the drinks. Due the rising temps, I was in the mood for something light so I ordered the tuna wontons for ($7.95).  The tuna wontons hit the spot, but I would have preferred to have multiple small wontons with tuna on top versus one large wonton.  I can be quite the messy eater sometimes so all that cracking to build your own tuna wonton doesn’t appeal to me, but it wouldn’t keep me from ordering it again. Tamika ordered buffalo chicken tenders ($7.95) that were crispy to perfection.  On my next visit, I’ll definitely be ordering more food to share.

Tuna Wontons - $7.95
Chicken Tenders - $8.95
I bet I know where you’ll be going to Happy Hour tonight.

2860 Show Place Dr.
Naperville, IL 60564

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