Big News for The Happy Hour Tour!

The Happy Hour Tour is going in a new direction… The Midwest to be exact!
Last August, JG left the adjacent Hills of Hollywood for the suburbs of Chicago, and in just a couple of weeks, JB will be headed to the brew capital of the Midwest, Milwaukee!
So, what does this mean for The Happy Hour Tour?
·      More reviews! We’ve got new areas to conquer and deals to devour.  We’ll also continue to hit up new Happy Hours whenever we venture away from our new homes.
·      New look! We’ll be giving the site a slight makeover! Like when Cher & Dionne fancified Tai!
·      No more ratings! Our reviews speak for themselves and we drink a whole lot more than martinis anyway. We still agree that more than 5 martinis is just sloppy.

·      “A Happy Hour Distilled!” Let’s face it - sometimes you just need a quick distilled Happy Hour review! We’ll now include a one-line description about what works and what doesn’t work in each of our longer reviews.

·      More of us together! We may not be living in the same city, but there will be more opportunities to get together now that we’ll be closer.  Sometimes we’re just funnier together, right?
What else would you like to see on new The Happy Hour Tour?
These were the days!
JB & JG at Saddle Ranch on The Sunset Strip, circa 2002

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