Rock Bottom Brewery

28256 Diehl Rd.
Warrenville, IL 60555

Parking: Free lot (it’s the suburbs!)
Days: Sun-Fri
Times: 3-6pm M-F / 11pm-2am Fri / 10pm-12am Sun
Drink Deals: None
Food Deals: $5-7 select appetizers

I’m forever a fan of Happy Hours that are more sports bars, less places for Sugar Daddy to take you. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a beer fan and most sports bars aren’t skilled in the art of the cocktail or fresh wine.  That it until I was introduced to Rock Bottom by a friend from high school.

Rock Bottom Brewery is exactly that… a brewery.  It is also a full service restaurant and bar complete with tables, TVs, and a happy hour.  Since the only beer I ever drink is super light, cider beer, I probably should have checked out the Happy Hour with a beer drinker to be my beer connoisseur, but I met up with fellow cocktail lovin’ friend, Tamika, for an after-work drink. If you are a beer drinker, Rock Bottom is definitely worth a visit to try their award winning beers that are brewed on-site.

There are no specials on beer, wine, or cocktail for Happy Hour, but Rock Bottom does feature beer flights for $6.  Luckily, I knew that going in so no need to get grumpy.  I ordered the Berry Splash Sangria ($7.50) and Tamika ordered the Patron Margarita ($8). Both cocktails were good but my sangria trumped the margarita so much so that Tamika switched to my drink of choice for round 2. Something called “Berry Splash” may sound like a kool-aid concoction, but it’s not. It was fresh made with red wine and fruit puree that you start to wonder why all sangria isn’t made with their recipe.

The Happy Hour specials are in the appetizers that are all so filling. We only shared the Jalapeño Spinach Cheese Dip ($5) and Southwest Egg Rolls ($7), but I spied plenty of other plates to be able to judge the deliciousness on sight alone. Not one to tolerate spicy foods, the jalapeño cheese dip had just a nice kick that went well with the spinach. The Southwest Egg Rolls were also so good and tasty that there was no need to order anything else. $12 for dinner? Not bad!

The only thing missing on my visit was a fun rapport with our server, who may or may not have been getting over a sore throat.  In the Happy Hours I’ve experienced so far in the Chicagoland area, I’ve missed that banter with bar staff that has even turned into real life friendships. I probably should have trusted my instincts and sat at the open bar stools versus the high top table.  Plus, a bartender may have been able to tell me more about the beer and drinks or throw an intro the brewmaster.

Next time, I go to Rock Bottom… and there’s sure to be a next time with its many locations in the Chicagoland area, southern California, and then some, I will be sure to sit at the bar.


Rating: 4 Martinis

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