70th Annual Golden Globes – Drinking Game

It’s that time of year again… Awards Season! Kicking the festivities off in always glamorous style is the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, broadcast live (with tape delay in the event of any drunk rants – see #4) from Beverly Hills on Sunday, January 13th at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Already planning to forget thanking our spouses in our future-Golden Globes acceptance speeches. 
Just kidding :)!

Here at The Happy Hour Tour, we love us some award shows – especially when watched with a drinking game! So, we’ve put our heads (and wine glasses!) together to create this penultimate Happy Hour Tour 70th Annual Golden Globes Drinking Game! We suggest you grab some champagne, white wine, or your favorite clear liquor so you don’t stain your red-carpet worthy attire!

To play, take a drink whenever:

1. Anyone mentions “30 Rock” and “Parks & Recreation.” 
Taking the hosting reigns from Ricky Gervais (awkward much?), the 70th Annual Awards will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Both ladies’ flagship shows are celebrating their final seasons – expect at least several shout-outs to these beloved shows!

Our kind of gals!!
2. Every reaction shot of a Hollywood legend. 
Award shows are chock-full of cutaway shots to Tinseltown stalwarts. Define your list of legends before the show – for this season, we pick Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, and Leonardo DiCaprio (young legend, but he’s been playing the game for years).

All these dudes have won Golden Globes - expect the audience cam to find them often and a lot!

**Two drinks if any of these dudes show up: Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, and Warren Beatty!

3. Everytime someone mentions being able to drink at the Golden Globes! 
The GG’s are popular with celebs since, unlike the Academy Awards pre-awards bar/dinner – you can actually drink at your table throughout the GG dinner and show. Take a drink whenever a tipsy star makes a reference to the free-flowing alcohol!

Angie's bored because she forgot her flask - girl, there's a bottle of Moet right in front of you!

4. Whenever a presenter or winner cusses or gets bleeped for cussing. 
With liquor-aplenty, celebs turn into sailors and we can expect at least one impromptu f-bomb! Bottoms up, muthaf**ka!!
5. Everytime you see Francesca Eastwood on stage. 
Nepotism be damned, this one will get you druuuu-uuunk!! Every year, the son or daughter of Hollywood royalty presents the GG statues to the winners on-stage. Past Miss Golden Globes that have gone onto stardom include Laura Dern, Joely Fisher, Melanie Griffith and her own daughter, Dakota Johnson.

Drink when you see this girl. That's an order.

This year’s Miss GG is Francesca Eastwood, the daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher. She’s already (in)famous in Hollywood circles for destroying a $100,000 Birkin bag in a conceptual “art piece.” That’s some kinda shit, but hey, we were all young once? Here’s to hoping Ms. Eastwood turns that glutton behavior into something positive – starting now with a generous contribution to this drinking game!

6. Everytime the words “70th Annual Golden Globes” are uttered! 
Seriously, if you had been playing the game while reading these rules, you’d have had 5 drinks by now!
7. Whenever a nominee is announced from a show or movie you’ve never heard of.
The Golden Globes are like the Academy Awards and Emmy’s all rolled into one – handing out statues for film and television. And for film – they divide the nominees into drama and musical/comedy. This all amounts to a lot of nominees, and quite a few we’ve never heard of. Drink up!

Have you heard of STAND UP GUYS? Neither have we - Jon Bon Jovi is nominated for Best Original Song for this flick. 
I think I was asleep during this part of 2012.

This year’s honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award is going to one of the most hands-down talented actresses of our time, Jodie Foster. We love her, she’s the bomb, she anchors one of JB’s favorite movies (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS). She also has a funny way of pronouncing her S’s – as in:

“Hello, Dr. Lecter, I’m Agent Clareesh Shtarling from the FBI.”

If you’re still feeling shober at this point in the show, then A) you haven’t been following the rules. And B) catch up now with a drink every time JF lisps an S. “I really appreshiate thish honor from the Hollywood Foreign Pressh Ashoshiation.”

Ba-dum-ching, you’re drunk. And so are we!
As always, drink responsibly (at home or with a Designated Driver – have them play along with Root Beer!) and have fun!!

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