Outpost Hollywood

1624 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Parking: $6 Valet
Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 4-8pm
Drink Deals: $5 Well Drinks, $6 Call Drinks, $7 Premium Drinks
Food Deals: None!

If you check out Outpost Hollywood – BRING YOUR EAR PLUGS!!! The bar is that LOUD.  Outpost Hollywood is the latest addition to the Cahuenga Corridor. If Saddle Ranch had an obnoxious little brother, it would be Outpost Hollywood.  I like it, just wish it would mellow out.

On a Tuesday evening, my friend Arielle & I decided to check it out. We were greeted by two female staff members dressed in their western best, who told us that we could sit wherever we wanted. We chose a booth on the upper level, but immediately were annoyed by how loud the TV was. Since there are a lot of TVs, we asked a manager type where’s the best place to sit and he suggested a table that was a little bit quieter, but not by much.  Being a Midwest gal and all (and happy hour enthusiast), I’ve been to a fair amount of sports bars from Illinois to LA and other cities all around and I have never experienced anything that loud.  It was especially annoying when commercials were playing.

Although we made it at the tail end of happy hour, I ordered from the regular menu and decided to try the Southern Lemonade ($9). It’s a Sweet Tea vodka & lemonade drink served in a 12 oz. mason jar, a great serving size. The server required a credit card to hold until we closed out.  I thought that was a little odd for a party for two, sitting at a table with a server, in a non-crowded bar. I didn’t put up a fight though.
This drink alone was worth the visit. It's that good.
To our surprise, there are no food specials for happy hour, but the prices aren’t too bad. We were also surprised there were no plates.  We split a Texas toast grilled cheese sandwich ($6.96) and buffalo wings ($7.95) and requested plates. The server looked a little confused and brought us one basket, and then 2 medium sized red bowls. She asked if they were ok, which it was. We just thought it was odd that they did not have plates. She started to say something more about the plates, but we just took the bowls. Perhaps, the bar should have spent less money on surround sound and put it towards plates.

Later on, our server asked if we wanted a second round, but we needed a minute to finish up what we had on the table so she said she would return. I would have liked to get in on the 2-for-1 drinks offered on Tuesday nights starting at 8pm. (check their site for other nightly specials) However, the wait took a little longer than usual so we decided just to get the check instead. Plus, at that point our heads were throbbing from the noise. Seriously. By the time, I met up with JB for a happy hour post mortem, my ears were still throbbing and a little the following morning.

Good drink. Good food. With the high turnover of bars and clubs on the Cahuenga Corridor, I don’t know why a place would keep the TVs so loud that people may want to leave. That alone is enough for me not to return and choose one of the neighboring bars instead.


Rating: 3 Martinis 

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