TiroVino Wine Bar - CLOSED

UPDATE: TiroVino is now Colonial Wine Bar. We haven't checked it out yet, but will of course let you know when we do!

7166 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Metered Street Parking
Drink Deals:
$3.50 Beers, $5-$6 Select Wines by the Glass Food Deals: Appetizers from $4-$7
After a nice Saturday afternoon Happy Hour at Bugatta, Kitty Packard and I stepped outside and happened upon another Happy Hour sign a couple buildings down. After peering in from the open patio and seeing a classy, yet cozy dining spot – we quickly added more change to our parking meter and headed over for Happy Hour #2!

Table for 8!

Tirovino is very classy and elegant, but it’s also got a very home-y vibe and that’s probably because it’s run by real, bona fide Italians who do their country proud. We loved the bar seating, the casual dining area, the patio with projected movies come nightfall, and the awesome 8-seat table with fancy chairs. We also dug the wall of wines serving as backdrop for the table-for-8!

Happy Hour drink options aren’t that varied –several $3.50 beers and a red (pinot noir this visit) for $6 and a white (chardonnay) for $5. KP and I went for the $6 Pinot Noir and it was good enough that they really didn’t need many more options.

Vino at TiroVino ($6 Pinot Noir)

For our food selection, we opted for a couple appetizers, starting with the $4 olives marinated with Italian spices. The olives were fresh and delicious and salty – a perfect complement to the hearty wine. After determining that the Eggplant Caviar was vegetarian :), we enjoyed a $4 order – served with their fantastic house bread, warm & crisp and drizzled with light olive oil and a little salt. Molto bene!

Olives w/ Italian Seasoning ($4)

Eggplant Caviar w/ House Bread ($4)

Kitty Packard loves old movies (really, check out her website!) and a classic vibe, so she was right at home at TiroVino. I loved it too, though I really loved the Happy Hour Tour combination of starting at Bugatta and ending up at TiroVino!


Rating: 4.5 Martinis

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  1. Nice post ladies! We visited this one a while back, love the hours, the venue, and the vino, but thought the food lacked a bit. We decided the best bet is to get one of their $9-$11 pizzas, split it, and have a couple (x2) glasses of wine. Cheers!

  2. Hi girls, thanks for the note and great recommendation on the pizza sharing & wine! I enjoyed the food we sampled, but then again, we only tried 2 items :). Will have to try a pizza next visit!



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