A Survival Guide: Black Friday

If you’re a true American, then you know the real meaning of Thanksgiving is to stuff yourself with home cooked food on Thursday and then fight rabid consumers on Black Friday. Ok… not really, but it’s what a lot of people do, right?

We are forever thankful for our readers, facebook likes, & twitter followers! For that reason, we know the holidays can be stressful and what better way to relieve some of that stress than a happy hour! If you actually leave the house over the holiday weekend, it’s likely to work off that Thanksgiving meal in a Black Friday rush so we present a list of happy hours located in popular Los Angeles shopping areas.

Please feel free to buy us something to thank us!


Jennie & Jessica

Happy Hours for East Side Shoppers – Pasadena & Glendale

Happy Hours for Mid-City Shoppers – Beverly Center, The Grove & Farmers Market

Happy Hours for West Side Shoppers – Santa Monica Place, 3rd Street Promenade & Westfield Century City Mall

If you’ve got some real cash money and shop in Beverly Hills 90210, stop by Taberna Mexicana for an ALL day Happy Hour featuring $3 drinks and eats!

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