Little Cave

5922 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90042

(323) 255-6871

Metered Street Parking (free after 8pm, but double-check signs)



Drink Deals:
$5 Jameson, Absolut, and Newcastle
Food Deals: N/A

You play Ritchie Valens at your Happy Hour? I will love you forever. Seriously, that simple. Little Cave apparently knew this key to my heart – playing some of the best 50’s ditties this side of 1978 (I don’t know what that means, but I’m going with it!).

After an afternoon and early evening of suburban Happy Hours at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, Booze and I were headed back to her Highland Park hood when the Little Cave neon sign beckoned us from Figueroa. Going to so many Happy Hours, I often forget that the prime time to meet fun folk is not during HH when there are sometimes 1-2 other patrons, but the witching hours after 8/9pm. Unfortunately, not so many Happy Hours run that late, especially on a Friday night. Luckily Little Cave just happened to run a 5-9pm Happy Hour from Thursday-Sunday.

The deals are somewhat limited – basically $5 Jameson, Absolut, and Newcastle and no food specials. However, If you go on a Tuesday night, they take Taco Tuesday the extreme with FREE tacos! The vibe is totally chill. Its dark and not that big, a “little cave” if you will (har har), with a nice narrow patio; the bartender is very friendly; the other patrons were totally cool; and the sound system was seriously good – made all the better with the golden oldies.

Sheeet, give me $5 Newcastles from 5-9pm – all of the above makes it a good time for me!
Sitting at a high-top communal table, we made pals with the bartender who had us sign a petition to keep some planters that a good citizen had put out front (I wish good citizens would think about making Hollywood more beautiful – ha!). We also struck up a conversation with a couple interesting dudes – running the gamut of the Midnight Ridazz to the occult. For real. You’ve got to love a Witching Hour Happy Hour!

By the time we left around 9pm, Patsy Cline & Elvis had also serenaded us and the scene was picking up even more. Alas, it was time to head back to Booze’s for more at-home booze and to Google some of the occult shit we wanted to learn more about!

Looking forward to the next visit – where the Happy Hour may be different than this stop – looks like their website lists a couple different deals than what we had. Follow Little Cave on Twitter to stay up to date on their deals!


Rating: 3.75 Martinis (Limited deals on kind of limited days, but more than cool-enough scene and it goes til 9pm!)

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