Mas Malo’s Brunch

515 W. 7th St.
1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Parking: $5 in parking lot on Grand Ave. between 7th & 8th St.
Days: Saturday & SundayTime: 9am-4pm

Here at The Happy Hour Tour, we don’t cover brunches. However, I feel that brunch is the most important meal of the weekend and the drink specials are usually pretty epic; still we usually stick with what we know – happy hours! But sometimes, some happy hour investigative reporting requires going straight to the scene, no matter what time of day.

It’s no secret that JB & I didn’t have the best happy hour experience at Malo in Silverlake. We loved the food and drinks, but our service was something out of the recent hipster episode of Happy Endings. Even given that experience, when Mas Malo opened in downtown LA, I was excited to give Malo another try since the scene was sure to be better and the food & drinks just as good. I had tried to go a couple of times and plans kept getting canceled that I was beginning to think Mas Malo and I were not meant to be; that is until The Minty invited me a media brunch.

Every weekend, Mas Malo has brunch from 9am-4pm. There are no bottomless booze specials here, but Malo’s drinks are so tasty and so strong that you will savor every last sip. Before we got seated for brunch, we had cocktails at the bar and I talked a bit with one of the female bartenders about what to choose. Immediately, I could tell the staff was much friendlier here and they didn’t even know I was with the media group at first since I hung out alone waiting for The Minty to arrive. I decided to experiment with the Piñata Smash ($8), tequila cocktail with chile, cilantro, & pineapple juice. Even with the description on the menu, it was a definite surprise of spicy and sweet. I dug it, but for mealtime, I switched to Malo’s take on the mimosa, served with aqua fresca and elderflower – delicious!

Piñata Smash

For starters, we had the salsa flight (5 for $12) served with their regular and chewy tortilla chips. We were also served fresh fruit with chili powder. As for my meal, I wanted to go with my Mexican breakfast staple Huevos Rancheros ($9), but I decided to go with something that I couldn’t get at another restaurant, and I’m so glad I did. I ordered the Del Mar Breakfast Burrito ($12) topped with salsa and stuffed with eggs, potatoes, black beans, and some of the juiciest shrimp I’ve ever had.

Del Mar Breakfast Burrito

As for the case of Mas Malo’s happy hour, they do have happy hour – sort of. They have what they call “Ceviche Hour.” Everyday, starting at 4pm, they have fresh made ceviche for $5. For $8, you can get ceviche and a beer. For $10, you can get ceviche and a margarita. This special goes until the ceviche runs out. At this time, there’s no plan to expand their happy hour deals, but it would be nice to see taco deals like offered at the Silverlake location. If it changes, we’ll be sure to report back!

Thanks to The Minty for the invite and always getting me off my regular boozing routine and out to explore downtown! Also – BIG thanks to Monique at B
read & Butter Public Relations for hosting a great brunch!

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