Bar Chloe

1449 2nd St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Parking: Public Parking Garages
Days: Monday-FridayTimes: 5-7pmDrink Deals: $3-5 BitesFood Deals: $4 Stella & Hoegaarden Beers, $5 Wines, $6 Well Drinks

In order to escape the latest heat wave in LA and celebrate my friend, Pooneh’s, new job on an award winning show, we retreated to Santa Monica to get some of that cool beach breeze. It was only natural that our celebration would take us to a happy hour.

We opted for an indoor happy hour at Bar Chloe, located next door to Hotel Carmel, but not affiliated with it. Bar Chloe is a swank looking lounge with its deep colors and animal print chaise loungers. It’s a perfect date spot, and we sure did spot a date getting pretty cozy in the corner… but not in a “get a room upstairs” kind of way.

Other people at the bar included a going away party and some pairs of friends catching up. The crowd was growing as we made our way back up to Hollywood, leading me to believe that Bar Chloe may be more happening at night when DJs start spinning at 8pm. The reviews on yelp certainly support my theory.

On the bar’s happy hour menu, wine is listed for $5 by the glass. Naturally, we ordered our favorites; I ordered a glass of cool sauvignon blanc and Pooneh chose cabernet. It turns out that only house Pinot Grigio and Merlot are available at happy hour prices, but the bartenders were nice enough to give us the glasses for $5 without us having to point out that detail on the menu. Interesting enough, when double-checking info for this review, Bar Chloe’s website does list Pinot Grigio and Merlot as the only wines featured at happy hour price. Hopefully, they update their menus at the bar because because other patrons may not be as forgiving or they may just end up always giving out $5 wine when that is not the plan.

For food, we ordered off the happy hour menu. I had the fried calamari ($4) and Pooneh ordered the Grilled Cheese ($4). After walking around Santa Monica for most of the afternoon, we had worked up an appetite so unfortunately I was too hungry to stage foodie photos. I figure calamari is calamari; you’ve seen one photo of it, you’ve seen it all, right? Plus, I think fried food is pretty hard to screw up so I promise, it was good.

I’d definitely check out Bar Chloe again if in the area, preferably on a date. However, I’m more likely to check it out off-Happy Hour hours to check out a DJ night. Because I loathe clubs, but love good jams, I love a good lounge with a great DJ.
Rating: 4 Martinis

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