Lucky Devils

6613 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 465-8259

Parking: Metered Street Parking or Hollywood lots
Days: Monday-Friday
Times: 3-7pm
Drink Deals: $4 selects draft beers, $1 off bottled beers
Food Deals: $5-$7.77 Appetizers, 2 for 5 – 2 for $7.77 sliders, $7.77 ribs, and $7.95 burger deals

Oh you lucky devils!! That’s what our friends say to us after we tell them of our terrific Happy Hour experience at Lucky Devils. In the interest of journalistic integrity (since we have SO much!!), I will start the review by saying that Lucky Devils hosted The Happy Hour Tour for a complimentary Happy Hour sampling of all their Happy Hour goodness. Even though we didn’t pay (but we did of course tip!), I can assure you everything that we ate and drink was most delicious and the prices were well within the realm of reasonable Happy Hour price-points.

JG & I had first visited Lucky Devils a couple years back during a Cinco de Mayo Saturday afternoon. The best we can remember then is that they had tasty red velvet cupcakes, but those days are gone as the pastry chef is no longer there. The burger bar has fashioned itself into the “1st Hollywood bar specializing in Belgian Beers.” Make that a gastropub.

Beer Sampler Trio

Their Lucky $7 Happy Hour reflects this new direction with $4 select hand-crafted draft beers and $1 off bottled beer. We sampled an Oatmeal Stout, Hanger 24, and a Belgian Pale Ale. Neither JG or I are huge beer drinkers, but the selections were delicious and easy to enjoy. We also shared a bottle of their very cute Jug wine that comes in, you guessed it – a jug! It’s a Bordeaux blend that runs for $7.50/glass or $19.50/bottle. But back to the beers – Lucky Devils does a great job pairing their beers with food selections. For our visit, we received a sampler of the three beers above and were told which foods would best match the beer flavors. Yeah, the three-beer sampler was a special treat, but I definitely think the staff would be happy to help pair any beer selections with your food menu items if you ask.

And the food – yum! Everything is made fresh in house – from their Happy Hour Char-Grilled Margherita Pizza ($7.77) to their Beer Battered Onion Rings ($6.50) to their slow-smoked Hickory Smoked baby-back ribs ($7.77) with beer mixed in the bbq sauce. As you should know by now :), I don’t eat meat – but I happily sampled the bbq sauce, dipping a French fry into the sauce and it was sweet and tangy and delicious.

Dem's ribs!

Since Lucky Devils is more of a meat-eaters paradise – the ribs, 5 different kinds of sliders (from 2 for $5 to 2 for $7.77), and a burger deal for $7.95 – JG was our meat sampler for the evening, she takes over the review and she found “loving it in paradise.” In her own words, “Her favorites were the ribs and the pulled chicken bbq sliders. The ribs were meaty, saucy, and easily came off the bone. JG says she doesn’t care how much people do it; there is nothing cute about having to suck every last bite off a bone and it’s annoying. There’s no bone sucking needed at Lucky Devil’s. She also liked the pulled chicken sliders so much that she picked at them so she could save them for later.”

Flaming Goat Flatbread Pizza & Jalapeno Hummus w/ grilled flatbread

That still left plenty for me, from onion rings to the non-Happy Hour appetizers of Jalapeno Hummus with grilled flatbread (the jalapeno kick was a pleasant surprise, but might be a bit much for non-spicy lovers) for $7.95 and the Flaming Goat flatbread pizza for $7.95, featuring goat cheese, habanero spread and red bell peppers.

And on a final food note, no meal (or Happy Hour meal!) at Lucky Devils would be complete without trying the Liege Sundae ($8), an AWESOME Belgian dessert featuring a liege (a dense and chewy and sweet waffle) covered in a chocolate sauce, a salted Chimay beer caramel sauce, frozen custard, toasted pecans, and whipped cream. Yeah, it’s not on Happy Hour special, but it’s a treat unto itself. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this dessert is not to be missed!


Besides the good food and drink, Lucky Devils has a nice feel about it - a small-ish clean room. The bar sits right on Hollywood Blvd. and even though the window faces the street, the cozy atmosphere (and beer selections!) makes it easy to forget you’re right in the center of the kooky Hollywood Blvd. There is plenty of seating – restaurant tables to the left and a single bar running down the right and then against the back wall. There are three televisions against the left wall; each was playing a different show during our visit, including the key to our hearts, “Thundercats!”

TV entertainment aside, it’s almost easy to forget you’re on Hollywood Blvd, until a homeless man wearing a huge grin sneaks in and starts pushing buttons on the host stand’s computer right by the door. Seriously, this happened. JG was taking pictures of the HH items, leaving me as the key witness to this craziness. At first, I was a little petrified, not knowing what he was doing, but as soon as he left (with the computer screen back as he found it!), I couldn’t stop laughing – not even long enough to tell a waiter what had happened. Not making fun of the homeless, but it was a pretty ridiculous Happy Hour moment.

C’est la vie, when in Rome, etc… JG & I definitely recommend Lucky Devils. The food prices are slightly higher than some of the deals we’ve seen around town, but you can most definitely make a dinner of the selections and likely have some leftovers. It’d be awesome if Lucky Devils ran a weekend special as well, but for now – we say stop by on a week night and… press some buttons on the computer screen. Just kidding, enjoy!

A table fit for Lucky Devils!


Rating: 4.5 Martinis

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  1. Looks like you really feasted! I have my eye on both the Flaming Goat Flatbread Pizza and the Jalapeno Hummus w/ grilled flatbread



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