Best Happy Hours: The Singles Edition

It’s that time of year where people struggle with what to do on February 14th – Valentine’s Day.

If you are single, you might be putting on your best “It’s just a Hallmark holiday” speech, when truth is you would welcome a stale box of chocolates if someone were to gift it to you. No need to be jaded or a sad single lady or man, why not go out and celebrate you… and take a wing-person with you!

There are plenty of Happy Hours that may help you find your Valentine! Lucky for you all, I'm a romantic so I'm here to help.

Best Happy Hour to Meet a Girl: Bodega Wine Bar
(Hollywood/Santa Monica/Pasadena)

In my Hollywood review, I commented on how often I’ve come across guys that know more about wine than most ladies do. So why guys don’t frequent wine bars, I don’t know. How are they learning so much about wine anyway? Did I miss a class in college? Wherever they learned about wine, their teacher failed to tell them that ladies follow the wine. In a few recent trips to Bodega Wine Bar, I’ve either befriended or overheard ladies talking about how they love the bar, but just wish there were single guys present. Trust me, fellas, single ladies await you at these three locations. Go there & charm them with your knowledge of wine.
Best Happy Hour to Meet a Guy: Barney’s Beanery
While guys haven’t caught on that to up their chances of meeting a girl, they should go to a
wine bar; girls have long caught on to up their chances to meet a guy, go to a sports bar! Sometimes it may be hard to talk up a guy at a sports bar when there is a game airing, due to a bars layout of seating & TVs. However the seating at Barney’s Beanery makes it easy for new friendships and relationships to be made. Seriously – with large booths on either side of you, it doesn’t take much. Need a conversation starter? Get suggestions on what to order off the huge menu.

Best Happy Hour to Meet a Man: Lucy’s 51

If you’re looking for a place to meet a man who actually makes phone calls and asks women out on dates, then Lucy’s 51 is a great place to start. While Barney’s Beanery is a great place to meet a guy, most likely you’ll end up in a mild text flirtation and an invite to meet up again… with friends back at Barney’s Beanery. If you’re looking for a little more, go where grown men go. On my first visit to Lucy’s 51, I was pretty bored, but it only took another visit before I realized all the action was in the bar/lounge area and not at a table. There are plenty of fun drink specials to jump-start a conversation and if you’re hammered & hungry you may even get a man to buy you fries like I did. While my friends & I haven’t had the great love story of our lives yet, we’ve had plenty of good stories & dates from people we’ve met here.
Best Happy Hour for a Guy to Meet a Guy: The Abbey

I don’t know what it is about gay men, but they are often just friendlier than people you meet atother bars. They’re quick on the compliments, their conversations go beyond “so, what do you do,” and if they are interested in more than “just friends” they let it be known right away. At The Abbey, I make all kinds of friends. Only one thing – I’m not a gay man. I’m just fun and fashionable, but I’ve been witness to the friendliest of this bar. The bar is so huge that the numbers are in your favor. See someone you like? Buy him one of the amazing $5 mojitos at Happy Hour!
Best Happy Hour to Hook Up like You’re on Spring Break: The Happy Ending
If you’re looking to skip the flirty texts and could care less about dating,then The Happy Ending is your place. This is a bar where I truly believe the two objectives are to get drunk and/or hook up. With drinks served in plastic pails and fishbowls and specials on the drink wheel, it’s easy to relive your days on Panama City Beach. I come for the booze and their Happy Hour food menu, priced $5-7. After a few drinks people literally scout the bar for someone to take home. The last time I’ve witnessed such a scene is spring break. If only you could see this bar at last call!

I hope these suggestions help jump start everyone's love life!

Do tell - Do you have a good story from one of these places? Where's your favorite go to place for the fellas or the ladies?

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