Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar

33 E Union St
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 795-1295

Parking: Colorado Blvd-adjacent lots and meters (we found $10 all-day parking)
Days: Tuesday-Sunday
Times: 5-7pm
Drink Deals: $4-6 specialty champagne cocktails, $5 house white, red, & sparkling wines, $3-6 beer selections

Food deals: Food bites from $3.20-8

A couple years back, one of my oldest pals, TeePee, took me to a fantastic champagne bar on a cold night in the Windy City. We had a great time catching up on life and enjoying Framboise Lambic (I know, not champagne, but kinda bubbly!). I wondered where LA’s fun champagne bars were and recently found my answer… Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar in Pasadena!!

I think Pops in Chicago has Pop in Pasadena beat on lounge-style coziness since Pop in Pasadena is set up more like a typical restaurant with a bar area, but mostly seated tables, but Pop is still worth a stop in Pasadena!

Nicandrew and I had already hit NeoMeze, the Cheesecake Factory, and Ixtapa when we realized we had one hour left for Happy Hour. Naturally, we liked the sound of a night-ending champagne and dessert bar and so headed slightly north to find Pop on Union. Like my trip in Chicago, Pop offered a cozy respite from a chilly evening. Nicandrew & I found a table and set forth perusing the fun Happy Hour champagne options.

$4 Bellini & $6 Almond Joy

For my first round, I ordered the Almond Joy ($6), which sounded like it would either be really awesome or really not-so-good with its mix of Amaretto, sparkling wine, and Moscato d’Asti. Luckily it was more the former – a really different blend with a definite almond undertone and light bite! Nic and I also tried the can’t-go-wrong mimosa ($4) & bellini ($4) and Nic also enjoyed the sparkling Margarita ($6) made with Agave, wine, triple sec, sparkling wine and sour mix. I typically tend to drink pretty fast and so was a little concerned that I’d finish my drinks too quickly – but the drinks really were sippers with their unique flavors and in the fluted glasses.

$4.80 Brie Toast w/ Chardonnay Soaked Raisins & $8 prosciutto-wrapped shrimp

We were still pretty stuffed from our Happy Hour Tour, but had enough room left for Nicandrew to try the $8 prosciutto-wrapped shrimp while I went for the Brie Toast with Chardonnay-soaked raisins for $4.80. My toast took a little longer to prepare than one might expect, but it was very, very tasty. The sweet chardonnay-raisin blend was perfect with the crostini and brie, but the raisins were a bit much for my tastes, so I just enjoyed the sauce and left my raisins in a pile on the plate :).

The bar’s vibe was very upscale, chill & classy; this would be a great date spot for a guy to show his sensitive good-listener side or for a gal-pal catch-up session. Also of note, we hear that their Speakeasy Sunday night is a good one – come in after 8pm with a special password posted on Twitter and Facebook and you get to sample mystery champagnes for $5! Who doesn’t love a tasty mystery?!


Rating: 4 Martinis

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