Peace Out, 2010. Hello, 2011!

We wish everyone a happy holiday season! It’s that time of the year where we travel to be with our loved ones, eat, nap, eat some more, and investigate local happy hour scenes.

2010 has been a great year for us. Through social networking of The Happy Hour Tour links, we have made friends & happy hour partners with bloggers
Kelsi, Sasha, Bren, Shauna, Josie, & V & K. This year, we started the year off with a Pinky vodka house party, The Happy Hour Tour turned one, & we got one last happy hour tour in before the year’s end.

Believe it or not, we often plan for New Year’s Eve at the last minute. Since we’re always looking for the very best deals, New Year’s Eve is often a hard night to plan. However, while we were busy packing for our travels, some of our fellow boozers have rounded up this year’s Los Angeles New Year Eve specials.

We’ll be back in 2011 with a fresh load of Happy Hour reviews!

Forever your Happy Hour girls,

Jennie & Jessica

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