How I Spent My Summer Vacation

For my summer vacation, I returned to my hometown of Romeoville, a Chicago suburb. I'm unable to report back on many happy hour deals because there's great drink prices almost everywhere you go! To prove my point, I was pretty much the alcohol paparazzi everywhere I went. Enjoy the shots! -JG

Both at $5 - Vodka Cranberry & Mike's Hard Lemonade
We needed these drinks to get through the Rap Battle/American Idol type show we stumbled upon at Gippers in Crest Hill

$4.88 for 27 oz. Passionfruit Margarita
Pepe's in Romeoville
*Photo taken with Hipstamatic for iphone

FREE Las Vegas Shots courtesy of an off-duty bartender
It tasted like black cherry soda.
Chaoz in Crest Hill

$3 shots at Gippers II in Morris, IL
Sambuca + Baileys + Grenadine = Not so tasty

Enjoying $5 Apple Martinis my last night in town
Features in Naperville, IL

No night of drinking in the suburbs is complete without at least one visit to White Castle.

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