Broadway Bar

830 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Parking: $5 at lot next door
Tuesday – Friday, 5-7pm, $5 Absolut Citron cosmos, $5 Hornitos margaritas, & $2 off all drinks for the Early Bird Special. All Night Well Wednesdays, $4 beers & well drinks!
Last week, we decided to take in a happy hour at Broadway Bar before networking the night away with some of LA’s fabulous fashion bloggers. We were set to attend a LA Fashion Week kick off party at 8pm so we decided to show up an hour early to investigate the happy hour scene since the website said happy hour was from 5-8.
We were immediately taken in by the d├ęcor of Broadway Bar. There was great detail in the wallpaper, lamps, and island bar. We wished the lighting were turned up just a bit so we could partake in our personal photo shoot like we did at Barbarella Bar, but as usual we managed just fine. We scored some real estate at the bar and asked the bartender for the happy hour deals.
Happy Hour was over at 7pm.
I told him that on their website it says that happy hour, or as they refer to it “Early Bird Special,” is from 5-8pm. He told us that happy hour has been 5-7pm for over a year, and JB repeated what I had told him: the website says 5-8pm. The bartender was nice enough to honor what we had told him. We weren’t lying, I swear. See the screen capture to confirm our research. (Photo is a bit small, but click link) We later found a sign within the bar (later placed outside) that also confirmed what the bartender said. Hopefully, after our encounter, the website will be updated. A lot people use the internet as a resource for everything, so after traveling into downtown from Hollywood (what some may consider an epic journey) to find out that happy hour is over, well… some may not have been as cool as us.
Once we scored our glasses of cabernet ($6) and barstools (thank you gentlemen!), we scanned the bar to get a feel for the crowd. To me, it appeared as if most people lived or worked in the neighborhood and that they didn’t stay much longer past happy hour. Since we arrived about 15 minutes after, I watched as many were closing out their tabs. Whether they needed to get home for the new Grey’s Anatomy episode or just weren’t budgeted for the regularly priced drinks ($12 for regular cocktails), I may never know. There is a DJ booth in the corner so I imagine that Broadway Bar must pick up at some point.
We’ve been venturing downtown more lately, and it seems 213 Downtown LA has a lock on the bar scene, owning 10 bars at architecturally creative locations. Here’s hoping our next adventure will be more successful. And next time, we’ll be sure to call first.
Rating: 2.75 Martinis

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