Casey's Irish Pub

613 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Parking: Limited Street Parking, Parking Garages – best bet probably Pershing Square underground parking at Olive & 5th St.
Mon., 3pm – close, Tues. – Sun., 3-7pm, $1 off bottle beer, $2 off well drinks & wine, $2 off select food
Follow the set of steps below Grand Ave, and one will find Casey’s Irish Pub, a real neighborhood style pub. One may also find it on their walk from The Must on their way to the metro station.
Casey’s had already earned a few martini points with us for having a daily happy hour. JB had done lots of research for daily downtown happy hours and the list came up a little short for weekend happy hours. Perhaps, this is because downtown is still considered an up & coming scene by many locals.
Daily happy hour points aside, we weren’t too pleased with Casey’s happy hour details not being printed anywhere in the bar. Except for the happy hour times, no food or drink details were printed on the menu or any of the many chalkboards, even though the web site says “Check our Chalkboards for Ridiculous Pub Specials.” That’s right – we had to ask for all the specials. Not only could we come off like cheap asses, but it’s probably exhausting for the staff to tell each inquiring mind. JB ordered a Strongbow Cider ($5) and I ordered a glass of cabernet ($5). We then took a couple of minutes to study the menu to do the math on the discounts.
On our visit, the bar wasn’t too busy, and there were only 2 bartenders working who hung out at the opposite end of the very long bar. After doing our math homework, taking notes, & studying the menu, we decided our tummies had enough room left for us to split the bread pudding dessert. It took a little bit before another bartender took our order. The original bartender never waited on us again. Perhaps, we were hanging out on the uncool side of the bar. Most people sat the center of the bar or at a table. We sat near the door, in case of emergency, I guess. Once we had the attention of the other bartender, he was sure to check in on us.
The bar seems to be pretty mellow except for the music. Happy hour at Casey’s seems to be the place to go when you want to watch sporting event with loud, Irish music playing over the announcer. Even for an Irish pub, the non-stop music seemed out of place for it not being St. Patrick’s Day or any other holiday. It seems even odder, now that I’ve read of nighttime dance parties at Casey’s – how does that transition happen? Anyone?
Casey’s Irish Pub is nice place to go when you want to be low key and reminisce of bars back in Chicago, New York, Boston, etc. However, I might save those flashbacks for St. Patrick’s Day.
Rating: 3 Martinis
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