Ye Coach & Horses - CLOSED

7617 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Parking: Metered Parking on Sunset Blvd.
Daily, 4-8pm, $2 off all beers & well drink; $3-ish beers, $5-ish well drinks at this old school neighborhood bar

The Sunset Strip isn’t the only section of Sunset Blvd. that has Hollywood history. Just east of the strip, you’ll find Guitar Center, the home to Hollywood’s RockWalk ; All-American Burger, where Hugh Grant allegedly met Divine Brown; & Ye Coach & Horses, a bar that claims to be the 3rd oldest bar in Hollywood.

Ye Coach & Horses feels like the kind of bar that one might find in their hometown. It’s dark bar with very strong tint of red. All the seats, tables, & decorations are all mismatched, but somehow work together. There’s a cigarette machine and the register is so old that it might explain why this bar excepts cash only.

After a few happy hours apart, we reunited in between our work travels. Rather than map out a happy hour and work out a transpo plan, we opted to walk to a bar we often neglect. It didn’t take long to remember why: the jukebox is quite loud! Mind you on our entire visit, there were never any more than 8 people in this rather small bar. Thankfully, while the music not playing, we were able to chat with bartender Matt. He talked to us about their best nights (Friday), upcoming deals & possible party themes, and a steel rod floor board attached to the bar that was stolen from the bar to trade in for cash – Oh Hollywood!
I had a $5 cranberry & vodka that was served in a low-ball glass. Not crazy about the size, butthe happy hour banner on the web site reads $2 beers, but further down the page it says beers “as low as $2.” The bar includes bottles of liquor that one might also find in their hometown in the basement bar, Jeremiah Weed and Absinthe, that has label handwritten on notebook paper. Matt was nice enough to allow us to taste the Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea which was an alcohol version of peach ice tea.
Once Matt’s shift was over, we weren’t too interested in staying for much longer. Plus the cash only rule is quite inconvenient for us, as we can imagine most people these days. Before our visit, we went to 7-11 across the street to use their cash-back debit feature, but they only allow a $10 withdrawal. The bar does have an ATM, but we’re not down with fees.

As long as this bar can keep the jukebox down, this location can be nice to meet for a quick drink with a friend or lovah.

Rating: 3 Martinis

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