Pizza Fusion

7950 W. Sunset Blvd.
Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90046

1-hr validated parking in Sunset & Hayworth complex

M-F, 4-7 pm, $4 beers & $5 wines by the glass and five select appetizers/personal pizzas from $5-7 at this swanky new earth-friendly pizza place (New menu items! $7 Sojutini's - Lemon Drop, Pineapple, Spatini (Cucumber), and Jalapeno Infusion)

Pizza Fusion is a cool new alternative pizza venue ever so close & convenient to JB's office! We love the company's eco-friendly stance and their tasty pizzas (offered on a range of crusts including gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients), colorful salads, and the wonderful flatbread & dip trio. It was natural that we were totally stoked* to find out about their happy hour. In fact, we'd like to think our suggestion to make it 5-7 pm instead of 4-6 pm had something to do with their decision to go with a 4-7 pm happy hour.

After visiting Pizza Fusion's happy hour, we'll still say that we love the place as a restaurant, we're just not crazy about Pizza Fusion as a happy hour. For starters, the menu only consists of 5 food items, and you know us, we like variety! On top of that, the aforementioned wonderful flatbread & dip trio is one of those menu items, discounted $1 from the average price ($6 instead of $6.99). And yes, $1 could amount to 5 lbs of food at the food bank**, but in happy-hour-world-land, it's just not that good a deal. Other items include $5 house or Caesar salads and personal cheese pizza and $7 personal pepperoni pizza.

Drinks are about the same - $4 Fat Tires and Hefe-Weizen and $5 organic house red and white wines by the glass. Again, not much variety, considering their non-happy hour diverse wine & beer list. Luckily, they do offer my favorite beer family Lambic (this time in peach, yum!), but not at happy hour price. The deal isn't so bad at $6/glass, but again, not quite happy hour.

We do recommend checking out Pizza Fusion, the staff is super-friendly, the food is really good; the design is clean & modern. But check it out as a dining experience, not necessarily as a happy hour. Well, you can try the happy hour... if you live/work close by and/or want to take your favorite happy hour critics out for a Peche Lambic!

*And not just because we think we are the forgotten 90's gem, Shane McDermott, in the forgotten 90's gem, AIRBORNE.

** Give if you can, guys - it's the holidays :).

Rating: 2.5 Martinis for Happy Hour, 4 Peperoncinis for Dining Experience

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