El Carmen

8138 West 3rd Street
Hollywood, CA 90048

Parking: $6 valet or metered street parking on 3rd St. (free after 6 pm!)

Monday – Friday, 5-7 pm, $4 margaritas and $3 Tecates, food items from $2-5

Often before visiting a happy hour, we're sure to do a little recon work - obviously finding the happy hour times and deals, sometimes reading up on yelpers' reviews on service and their favorite menu items.

So, upon reading about El Carmen's Lucha-Libre-meets-Yellow-Submarine interior, we were very excited to check this place out!It was a Monday night when JB scooted over and bonded with new friend Kitty Packard over our share of $4 margaritas and some delicious $4 nachos, in the definitely lucha-libre-meets-yellow-submarine interior! And we’re happy to report that the deals are great for an after-work hangout – there’s the aforementioned $4 margaritas and nachos, and also: $3 Tecates, $4 quesadillas and ceviche, $2 guacamole, and $5 combinacion plate.

The scene is pretty quiet, there were a couple pairs of friends and dates. And well, the bartender was cool as a cucumber. Not only did he honor happy hour prices after happy hour was over (on account of his not telling us of last happy hour call - which we often don't get anyway), he also blamed a crazy click-it pen's explosion out of Kitty Packard's purse on the "ghost of El Carmen," not us goofy girls four margaritas into a fun night.

Rating: 4 Martinis

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