Bar Food

12217 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025



Parking: Street Parking

Tues.-Sun. (closed Mon.), 5-7pm*, $3.50 Beers, $5 House Wine, $2-6 Select Food

*Happy Hour all night until further notice!

If you ask us about Bar Food, we might refer to it as the home of the free hot dogs or the place where we may or may not saw Freddy Krueger. No joke.

Bar Food is West Side spot that could attract a mature after work crowd, except there wasn’t much of a crowd at all. We’re not quite sure why there wasn’t a large draw on our weekday visit, but this spot deserves it. It earned points with us pre-visit for posting their happy hour menu on their site.

On our visit, we arrived straight from work so we were in the need of food and drink. Our friend inquired about the free happy hour hot dogs and the condiments that went with them. Answer: ketchup & mustard. Want more? As our server said – It’s a free hot dog. Touché and well done, server! We ordered a mixture of things: calamari, fries, spicy (but not really) tuna, & grilled cheese. The only thing not featured on the happy hour menu was the grilled cheese & tomato soup, but at $7.50, the regular menu has pretty decent prices too.

We sipped on house wine and beers. There was always someone nearby to make sure that we never went thirsty. When we decided to keep the happy hour tour moving, the server was nice enough to split our checks without asking! We know it can be annoying to servers to split checks on multiple cards so when servers do it automatically it is ever so convenient.
On our way out, we met the owner Jason, who appeared to be tending to the exterior of the bar. He was very friendly, thanked us for coming, & wanted to know how we heard of the bar. We love a bar owner that appreciates the customers so here’s hoping this place gets hopping and we might be back again soon.

Rating: 3.5 Martinis

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