Pasadena Wine Festival - Ticket Giveaway

And we're off... with our first blog-off, give-away challenge! We've got 2 pairs of tickets for the Pasadena Wine Festival - held October 3rd and 4th at the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia. The event looks like it will be a beautiful, sunny way to celebrate wines in a fun environment - all the while raising funds for the Pasadena Symphony Association! We'll be there, live-tweeting and wining & dining, we hope you'll come say hi!

To win a pair of 1-day tickets ($110 value!), follow these simple instructions:

-- Take to your own blog or website and post a story about your own favorite personal happy hour adventure (if, of course, you can remember it!).

-- Make sure to give a shout-out and link to The Happy Hour Tour (http://www.thehappyhourtour.com/) and the Pasadena Wine Festival (

-- E-mail us at TheHappyHourTour@gmail.com with a link to your post by Wednesday, September 30th at 5:00 pm PST.

The Judges J-n-J will notify winners on Thursday, October 1st.

Let the games begin!


  1. What if I don't have a blog? :( Do tweets count?

  2. Stay tuned, Tiffany :)! Make sure to follow us on twitter!



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