Gin & Tonic for the Soul: Gender Studies

Interesting Discussion Topics for Happy Hour

This Thursday, we'll kick off feature with a theme close to our hearts, - Gender Studies. We're not in-your-face women's (or men's :) rights activists, we're just single, late-20-something's trying to find our romantic way through a bevy of adventures and misadventures, made and missed connections, hot nights & not-so-hot nights, etc.

And lately, it's seems like we're reading and hearing more & more about the phenomenon of strange dating & mating behaviors resulting from gender confusion (not the biological kind). Men still want to provide and care for a woman, but the economy sucks, so sometimes they can't. Women want to be considered equals on the work front, but still want to be considered feminine and lovable.

Nowhere is this phenom as pronounced as on television and in the movies. Take a gander at these cool articles all about it:

-- Men in arrested development
-- Coarse, she-devil mothers
-- Ladies, you might want to stick your head in an oven upon reading this (not quite a movie/tv article, but interesting/scary)

We're not about babying men or demonizing women, but it's an interesting dialogue to have. But maybe it's not the best date topic, maybe more for platonic friends.

Sound off in your comments! Or send an idea for next week's Gin & Tonic for the Soul!

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