Drinking Game: Scandal season 3 finale

Tomorrow, Thursday April 17th at 10/9c, everyone’s Facebook and twitter feeds will be lit up with all things Scandal. A few weeks back, I wrote that Scandal’s season three finale is sure to be explosive. I was right on the money as Mama Pope literally activated a bomb at the end of last week’s episode, so now we know she’s been up to all season!

To celebrate the season’s end, we’ve resurrected our popular Scandal Drinking Game!

So pop that wine cork, grab a seat on the couch, and take a drink when:

Olivia drinks a glass of wine

Olivia & Fitz get it on

Olivia & Jake get it on

Mellie and Andrew get it on
Last week’s episode ended with Andrew being in the location where the bomb is set to go off. However, I’m not ready to let go of Jon Tenney and the heat that he’s brought to the season so I believe that he will escape before things go boom.

Huck and Quinn get it on
No idea why this is happening, but no one is a fan.

Mellie gets drunk
Last week, the beautiful Bellamy Young was on a roll with the drink; her terrific boozy one-liners even started a #DrunkMellie trend on twitter. 

President Fitz learns of Mellie’s Big Jerry Big Secret

Papa Pope gives a read 
This season, he’s read everyone cover to cover and everyone is loving it! Joe Morton most certainly will receive a guest star nomination for all the of awards this year… Hate to say it, but all other male guest actors, and maybe female too, should just have a seat. #sorrynotsorry

We learn that Olivia and Harrison are siblings! 
The Brolivia theory has been thrown around since season 2, even though the only random clue is that we know very little of Harrison’s background. However, Harrison asking Papa Pope if it was ok to call him Papa Pope last week was either foreshadowing or the writers just having fun with us die hard Gladiators.

Lastly, take a drink if you’ve screamed at the TV. 
Scandal is known for messing with folks’ emotions, but your wine is here for you. Take a sip and relax.

As always, drink responsibly and have fun!! Tweet your favorite #Scandal moments and what’s in your glass to @HappyHourTour!

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